July 24, 2010

Some thoughts before the commencement of the upcoming month, inshaAllah..

Either become a student of knowledge, or love it, and love the people of knowledge. The more you increase in the realm of knowledge, the stronger your barrier becomes against shaytanic fitnah.

Filter out the filth of the everyday dunyah through fikr&dhikr, stay away from those/that which relays filth regularly: entertainment.

Do that which benefits you, and if you dont, then do that which is neutral, for keep yourself in check, govern the thoughts in your head before you walk around dead. Remember.

– What is this presence of heart if not the most precious gift from your Creator? Keep it steadfast, keep it alight, this is your opp to increase evermore, renew, rejuvenate, purify & ascend..

How have you prepared for -the- Holiest Month?

 How much thought have you put into it??

 This is what defines the value you attach to it..

The mere fasting of the body,

the mere fasting of the mind,

or the high fast of the heart.

”what is haraam to speak about is haraam to listen to.” If u dont move away from them then you are truly amongst them.

Fasting is the purification of all organs from the poisons of the world.

Measure your spiritual wealth by the greatness of your sacrifices. For wealth in Allahs eyes is the extent of discipline one instills in the self.

Look upon His mercy as the only means to your ascending to Him. And up is only possible through pure foundations, established in shukr wa sabr, fikr wa dhikr. Thereafter fear as the dominating factor, & conscious enthusiasm is what will help you achieve the awraad wa adhkaar in perspective line.

Sun & Moon

July 14, 2010