Al Akhiraat

January 30, 2011

Contain your Qulub in the Akhirah, your Aql through the Quraan, and your Amaal through the service of your Family. ~

The Gardens & the Fire:
The roaring, hungry, vicious, engulfing, emblazoning. No mercy, nothing generous ~ boiling, suffocating.
~ You end up in there through the wrongness of your intellectual decisions.
– If you just only fear this fire for your entire life, your death will be as beautiful as the Garden.

Happiness is? The heart placed in the Akhiraah. The heart that is flipped cannot recognize the diff b.w happiness of the nafs & heart.
There is a lack of purpose that leads to the darkening of the quluub – losing sight & light.
– depression – living to work instead of working to live. –> Mankind was created anxious —
Xanax: after nothing but Sakinah. Goldfish: buying happiness. Gross National Happiness- US the 16th happiest nation whilst being the richest nation.
Sakinah of the heart: Make the Quran, nur-e Sadri, light of my chest, spring of my heart.
Understanding where you came from, to know who you are, to know where you’re going.
If you seek in this world what is enough for you, you will see the bare minimum is enough for you. But if you seek more, nothing will ever suffice.
Everything will leave you in the end except the Face of Allah azawajaal. So maintain that constantly, consistently.
Allah azawajaal through His speech, always links any form of success with Jannah.
– happiness of the heart comes with understanding & contentment of an intellect – Key to the Akhirah

Signs of the End:
Hayaa is lifted! To have hayaa with 1 another, increases purity, respect and understanding within the self…
The prevalence of public detriment of hayaa is 1 of the biggest signs of the Hour.
Salaamu Alaikum ~ peace! hayaa!
Outside of Salaah — should be contained by a Qalb in Salaah. Clearing the mind lets the hearts breathe.
‘ When the slave girl gives birth to her mistress’ ~ when the parents give birth to children, who treat them as though they were their servants.
Ilm will diminish- Ilm of the true eternal world will minimalize while ilm of the dunyah epitomizes.
Do not postpone your Quluub, do not postpone worship of Allah azawajaal for tomorrow, for you are guaranteed through postponement that it will be too late.

Day of Judgement:
Your seperation from everything, and everyone, including yourself. Everything but that which truly sustains you- laa illaha ila’Lah.
Stripped of everything material and intellectual, left only in a state and haal of your Ruh.
If the Malaaikah on that day say Ya Allah, we did not worship you as you should be worshipped… what will we say?
Protect yourself by protecting others. Do not be anything but respectful towards others. For the one destructive to others  wil be destroyed and defaced by the Creator.
The only thing you will be on that day, will be your Deeds.
( A person’s deen is his friend’s deen ).

– Notes through lectures at Icna ’10. (to be continued..)