my Life.

December 29, 2011

This life… in all its ephemeral reality, is such a struggle. Such a fight.
You’re constantly fighting for it all.
Working, sweating, bleeding,
Running, walking, crawling,
One by one, drop for drop, day after day,
So you can live, so you can love, so you can just See..
So you can truly understand what makes this life of yours so glorious.

Do not cease the struggle, the need, the want, the passion.
It is ALL that is keeping you alive, and breathing.
If it weren’t for this exhausting endless fighting,
You would be nothing.

Just holding on is a battle within itself.
Holding on, to love, to God, to knowledge, to faith, to character.
So don’t only hold on, but climb over, and conquer.

Conquer yourself, and you will see God.
See yourself, and you will not see the world any longer.
See God, and you will not see yourself any longer.
Be brave, be truthful, be righteous.
Be all of this to yourself, and your world will fall into place within a blink of an eye.

… and with any difficulty, comes Infinite ease.


December 29, 2011

A new love can be like the first snow of the winter. To fall down from the Skies softly, slowly, flake by flake, beautifully covering all of bare nature, the empty trees and lawns, falling beneath the bold lie of the winter sun, and coating your world with a white purity that takes over everything you lay your eyes on. You cannot believe what is all of a sudden a renewed, rediscovered glamour to the once barren Earth around you. =)


December 21, 2011

1. If you open the door to a small vice, a large one may enter before you close it.

2. True art is within earth and heart. Modern art is either Ah! or He.

3. You will only discover what you truly wish for when you wish for what is best for other human beings.

4. Islam is humanity’s Isha prayer; a pure crescent in the night.

5. Incarnation? To be creature is to be entirely not a Creator. To be Creator is to be entirely not a creature.

6. It is wisdom to see that all you see is His wisdom; and to see that you do not see it all as His wisdom.

7. Because it both receives and generates, compassion is a mediatrix

8. Tawheed is to heed the Tao.

9. Life is a dress rehearsal.

10. Christology: the ‘abd is the ma‘bud.

11. Modernism: Islam is ease, and nothing but ease.

12. We still raise virgins to be innocent; but do we still protect them from the hazards of innocence?

13. Qarunomics tend to be pyramid-shaped. Qur’anomics know the bounds.

14. Zion should remember that no building raised on treachery will stand forever.

15. Until you have seen the king of the world you will only know how to feign happiness.

16. Perichoresis: the first of the three is God; the second of the three is God; ‘God is the third of three.’

17. Since your self is so near a neighbour to unreality, how easy its removal ought to be!

18. In a world glowing with the Divine Totality, what is the nature of your freedom?

19. Most polygamists are unbelievers, since they have no Qur’an for their Qiran.

20. Every Muslim is either a good Sufi or a bad Sufi.

21. How may ‘equality’ not reduce the Other to a version of the Same?

22. Le vice anglais was outré but now it is passé.

23. Feminism has failed in its ambition to abolish women.

24. The False Salafism is Islam’s rigor mortis.

25. Fight to impose God’s justice, not His truth.

26. In Sufism, it is not only men who can enjoy being lion-tamers.

27. Only I’tizal can so underestimate God’s power as to deliver a tragic view of history.

28. Once we had jurists, now we have purists.

29. Et in Arcadia, the ego.

30. Joining Islam is not to join the path of truth, it is to progress along it.

31. The Manu Mission – niyati. The Liber Asian: niyyati.

32. For the kafir, the world is packed with empty things.

33. The world is merely representation.

34. Sufism is for anyone, except a kafir or a bourgeois.

35. Works? Art? Metaphysics? Islam is one thing alone: give your heart to God.

36. Muslims in Europe: we heal or we obey.

37. You cannot love the Twelve unless you love the Four, for our love is the love of the Messenger himself.

38. The rejection of God gives us an outwardness that can only give us pain.

39. The Law shows us that our choices are truly ours.

40. Aristotle: things are. Abraham: things are found.

41. Political science is sacred, because it is deduced entirely from the womb.

42. There is no initiation without the Law.

43. Healing the monoculture is more important than pleasing it.

44. Salvation is submission to the Universal.

45. Islamism makes the authoritative authoritarian.

46. Modernity says that it is not a prison.

47. If you seek the joy of compassion, crush the joy of the ego.

48. The saint is a reverse prism.

49. Your weakness is in proportion to the number of things you crave.

50. After Derrida, history will be won by whoever is first past the post-.

51. Rejoice! Your hijab will prevent monoculturalists from patting you on the head.

52. The precondition for being a man is futuwwa. The precondition for futuwwa is loving other people

53. Through the fard you become present to God. Through the nawafil He becomes present to you.

54. Fat is not fate; slender is not slander.

55. When you are for giving He is forgiving.

56. The False Salafis have made Mecca the Mechanical.

57. The Messenger came to Medina as arbiter, we come to Europe as arbeiters.

58. The solution is the love of God.

59. We are only ourselves when we do not love ourselves.

60. Islam is not Islamic fundamentalism, it is human fundamentalism (Mustafa Ceric).

61. If you can’t be a man, don’t desire women.

62. Without the self-hood she will not uncover selfhood.

63. Before you can be fully convinced by a proof of Islam, you must be yourself a proof of Islam.

64. When Palin and Netanyahu shake hands at the opening of the Third Temple, the victory of Islam will be assured.

65. The prayer-carpet is most of the world.

66. The right objective of war is justice, not victory.

67. You are either a worshipper or an idol.

68. Without Sufism, Islam is not Islamic.

69. Hospitality? You cannot serve both Abraham and Israel.

70. The secret of marriage: as soon as you look at the clock, she gets angry.

71. Under the Blue Baroness, the polytechnics did not become universities, the universities became polytechnics.

72. Facebook will unfriend Israel.

73. History is nothing other than the triumph of Providence.

74. ‘The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization.’ (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

75. Are the false Salafis powerful enough to secularise the world?

76. Inculturation is included in the command of ‘Amr bi’l-Ma’ruf’.

77. Your children should make you feel younger, not older.

78. Learn to distinguish true from false hunger.

79. ‘Moderate Islam’ exists for the sake of the monopology.

80. Human action is always a response to the Divine.

81. Outside the self, evil has no reality. Understand evil, and you will see that the self has no reality.

82. Being angry for the sake of God is not the same as being angry with other religions.

83. The disbeliever only disbelieves in the god he has created.

84. If only we were filled with faith and modesty!

85. If you luxuriate in your humility, it is pride.

86. The Sunna is a wineglass; so maintain it with great care.

87. A diminution of faith is also a proof of God’s existence.

88. The Yawning Gulf is a Procrustean bed.

89. How you say the Fatiha says it all.

90. The crisis of the Umma is not that the ulema are too traditional; it is that they are not traditional enough.

91. When you are frivolous, be so only for earnestness’ sake.

92. Carey was to charism what Newman was to numen.

93. Most people do not want to know God; just to cut a deal with Him.

94. The Monoculture has found a place where there is no God, which is why it finds itself nowhere.

95. An ‘abrogated’ religion is one having no capacity to discern the truth of Islam.

96. ‘If only …’ takes the law road, Sufism takes the hayy road.

97. Only the gendered ego is not always wrong.

98. Only the exhausted believe that they have exhausted the sense of Scripture.

99. The fallen yearn for God, and wish for the abolition of history; the saved know God in history.

100. The nakba ended the Nahda.

Apologies, Im late in posting this, it came out in September and I had no idea.


December 15, 2011


December 12, 2011

be in your element, always. Never let it go. If you lose sight of it, you will lose grip of your very self.
Inside & Out.

Tear drop

December 8, 2011


December 6, 2011

May we embrace the New Year with humility before our Lord, seeking His forgiveness and hoping to attain spiritual renewal with the grace of His greatest mercies

Sh Abdul Hakim Murad’s Khutbah about the day of Ashura, Karbala.

‘Think not of those who are slain in the way of Allah as dead. Nay they are living! With their Lord they have provision. Jubilant are they because of that which Allah hath bestowed upon them of His bounty, rejoicing for the sake of those who have not joined them but are left behind: that there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve. They rejoice because of favour from Allah and kindness, and that Allah wasteth not the wage of the believers’. Surah Al-Imran Verses 169-171

A few days before Ashura the Sheikh began his khutba by noting that Shahada is not to be simply translated as martyrdom, but rather an act of ultimate sincerity and testimony. In the pre-Islamic period a death was a cataclysmic event, but tawhid brought with it the knowledge that as you die, you pass through the veil towards God Himself. This is why the martyr is shaheed, witnesser, as he lays down his life knowing where his destiny lies.

 The Sheikh then went on to explore the themes of the Holy Month of Muharram, a month where acts are subjected further to the Divine Scrutiny, especially in the first 10 days and none more so than on the 10th: Ashura. The history books – sometimes verifiably, sometimes less so – tell of an Ancient day resonating through the ages with tremendous affairs: the day of the Exodus of Musa, the day Allah relented toward Adam, the end of the Flood of Nuh, the day Sulayman was crowned, the day Allah relented toward Dawud, the day Isa was born, may Allah’s peace be on them all. The thread that runs through all these events is one of spiritual renewal, a movement from sin toward obedience, shadows to light.

The day was also of course the day upon which the most tragic event in the history of Islam after the death of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, occurred. The events of the dread day of Karbala are well known and the Sheikh recounted them, but he moves on to ask ‘what should be the monotheistic response to this apparently terminal and unimaginable disaster?’ Of course grief and sorrow spring forth. But hanging onto the thread of spiritual renewal we note that the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Erdogan gave an Ashura speech last year in which he noted that “Karbala is a sign of Unity, everybody agrees on the principle of it, nobody supports the killing, nobody takes the side of the killers”. The Sheikh went onto note how Karbala – not just Ashura – is commemorated by the Sunni population in Istanbul, for example at the Sunbil Sinan Pasha Camii in Koca Mustafa Pasha district, where thousands take part in mersiye (lament) poems and read a khatm of the Qur’an for the shuhada of that day. What emerges from these gatherings is a feeling of optimism and joy, spurred on by the words of Allah “they are alive in the presence of their Lord, receiving sustenance”. To the extent of what we believe about shahada, something in us is glad. We grieve because those we love are no longer here and their relatives suffer, but in our heart of hearts we rejoice, for they have moved through this Vale of Tears and are in the presence of their Lord, in the highest of gatherings.    
Full Khutbah here- 12.2.2011-

Lets let it Happen.

December 1, 2011