Too much.

September 30, 2011

“Sometimes I feel like the righteous are too righteous for my heart, So I avoid them like I avoid the devils in the dark, But those that sit all day without even a spark Of Taqwa are equally painful to an aching heart, So Who can I befriend? In the end, its a lonely paradox At times its better to be alone, hearing the ticking of the clock, But the sheep that travels alone is in danger of the fox, So we pray for safe passage, from the danger in which we walk”

Utter submission

September 14, 2011

My goal for you is for you to forget all goals
As long as you persist on the path of guidance,

For you to leave aside existence and not long for it
And grasp hold only of the cord of firm reliance.

How long will you neglect me while I always
Watch over you with love and diligence?

How long will you gaze upon what I’ve created
Wandering enraptured, entranced with each glance?

And never turn your attention toward my presence?
You’ll pass your life far from the mark in deviance!

My love is timeless- remember “Am I not your Lord”
On that day my uniqueness held you in a trance.

Do you have other than me another sustaining Lord
Who may save you from future disturbance?

You call upon others, the needy to the needy
For the entire cosmos is incapacity and impermanence.

Everything manifest by my will manifests
Through me alone existing thing have existence.

In this world that I create, command and possess
Is there anyone to face who claims self-persistence?

Look around with the open eyes of faith and you’ll see
Every being’s effectiveness depends upon my dominance.

On a journey from nothingness to nothingness
You’re headed for obliteration with no hope for permanence.

This is my gift decreed for you- don’t reject it,
So from others keep aloof your hope’s countenance!

All your plans are suspended at my doorway
So before my presence leave your baggage at a distance.

Accept your inherent quality of lowly humility
See my generosity match your willing compliance.

Be a servant to me, like a real servant, content
Accepting all the master’s demands with obedience.

Why hide your lowly qualities with qualities that are mine
And replace your ignorance with open defiance?

Will you make yourself my partner in ownership
And compete with me against wisdom’s radiance?

If you aim to reach my intimate presence, then beware!
Your self is raving, so oppose it with stridence.

Plunge into the ocean of obliteration- you might see me,
Prepare to meet me in the end with confidence.

Continually invoke me for blessings that you encounter
Apt actions of the master who gives without hindrance,

And spend not a day led by others in dalliance
For there is nobody else to turn to today for guidance.

Written in Stone.

September 7, 2011