September 12, 2007



Fasting has been prescribed for us by Allah (T).

Must start with Taqwa- piety. Fasting is a shield for us, our weapon is wudhu, fasting is a way of protecting ourselves continually throughout the whole day.

it’s not salaat or the recitation of books, Quran, shahadah, but a continual protection throughout the day.

Fasting is the purification of the body– goes to purify your Heart if you do it rightfully. purifying yourself for the sake of Allah (T).

fasting from all senses- speaking, seeing, hearing, doing. if somebody attacks you verbally remember you are fasting from speech.

wake up in fast- wake up to reality, to Al-Haqqa. before its too late, before you wake up at death.physically wakeing up- getting up in the morning for tahajjud-suhur-fajr. make istighfar @ this time. for about 1 hour from tahajjud to fajr. thinking of only Allah (T), of the purpose He (T) has given us with mercy and love, and how we have to fulfill that purpose only for His (T) pleasure, through love & fear. remember no matter what, everything and anything only for His (T) pleasure, nothing else. Not even for your own benefits, that comes from worship, but the first reason behind that worship is HIS pleasure.

fix your character- through fasting. your Adhaab- your humility, your speech, less speech, less trouble. less pride, less arrogance. afterall, what are you compared to the rest of creation, to what the Creator can do. nothing, nothing but a slave who wants nothing but His Lord’s happiness. A Lord (T) whose mercy and beneficence is unmeasurable.

Heart of Ramadhani Kareem

your Ultimate Purpose in life- why are WE here? what are we here for? the physical mechanisms that govern our being? in the end its- WHY, not how or what for. when i live in this universe what is my intent? my intent should be subservient to the intent of the Creator. every aspect, every second of my life, is designed by me, so that every intent i make is in accordance to the intent of the Creator. this is the Heart of the purpose. if this is established and peaceful, the heart is at peace, everything is at Peace.

Allah (T) invites us to the Home of Peace, and if you want Peace, where should you go? To the source of Peace. yes or no? the closer you are to the source of water, you will be able to quench your thirst, and provide others with water as well. once your Qalb is @ home, the rest of you cannot escape from the walls of the home, from the walls of safety and warmth.

— attainment of knowledge, and purification of the inner self.

Siyam is what nourishes the Qalb through cleansing of the Ruh from the Nafs. The Nafs is what dirties the Ruh throughout the year, and the Qalb keeps beating in awaitance for when the mind will come into control and abstain from the Nafs. @ this point in Ramadhan, it is time to free yourself from your Nafs, and your weapon is your sawm. the rest of the year you have shaytan which is constantly dragging the nafs back in, however, Ramadhan frees you from the evil, from the desires.

It makes you realize that there is LIFE beyond food and desires, that there is a world beyond materialism, beyond what you can only see.

Shahadah and Salaat are your everyday reminders, trainers, weapons to fight off your nafs that is attached to the world. & thirdly, continually for 1 month, Sawm is an even stronger weapon your Lord (T) has so mercifully provided you. A weapon to liberation, that puts no distance between you and your Lord (T) once again!!!

Post-Hajj, I was looking for some liberation from this world, some space to think and feel, and this world compacted my soul so closely I never got the room to exercise my new found Imaan, my new found understanding. And eventually, little by little, the nafs grew stronger by making the world play a bigger part in my life. It made me a prisoner of my nafs. All i could do was look for the things i could let go into, the right places the right people to grow through.

Siyam gives me that breath of fresh air once again, that breath of life once again to exercise my Imaan once again, to refreshen and refurbish my Qalb once again, without fearing the prison of the Nafs coming into me once and once again. Experience joy once again beyond the physicalities, experience yourself once again beyond the physicalities, experience Love once again beyond what you could ever imagine!

Ramadhani Kareem gives me a pleasure in worshipping, in seeking that true Love, shielding off the world while we do so.

Physicalities– the less we eat, the less shaytan can get to us, because he has access to our inner dimensions while we dont know. the less runs through us, the less he can run through us- amazing.