July 23, 2011

The Feast of Souls

Its the feast of souls, where knowledge doesn’t grow old

The beasts of egos, spread whispers like news of gold

The fountain of youth, the Truth sets you free and takes hold

The mountain we viewed, praising God; glorifying all we have been told

From valleys of light, born into darkness

We followed the light until the shadows bore witness

Whats the difference? We reply with al-Furqan

While slaves drop bombs on slaves singing songs

There’s one Love that is beyond hearing and sight

Let fear into the fight; the subdued acknowledge

His might True inspiration needs no inception

Because our fitra recognizes deception La ilaha illa Allah, its our shield and its our sword

Let’s go to war with what was forewarned Since the command BE!

Some strayed, some believed A flurry of arrows reminded us of our need

For a moment of peace, we shall not cease

Until the trumpet is blown and the paradox is complete

So cleave to the Sunnah of the Most Praised,

May we benefit from the baraka that flowed night and day

The greater struggle is the fight within

But the greatest struggle is to say Bismillah and begin….

InshaAllah may Allah grant us all tawfiq in the struggle with ourselves and keep us afloat in the dangerous seas with ships like the Rihla and all its smaller lifeboats like the connections we made in our suhba, amin!

~ 1 of many, many beautiful Rihla reflections. By a fellow Ulu brother. Masha Allah.

3 Uludag

July 21, 2011

the seperation is severe. and is becoming more breathless with each day that passes.


July 20, 2011


July 20, 2011


July 20, 2011