November 11, 2009

The Aadhab of the Home.
When you leave your house, do so with enunciation, and presence. Leave as if you are never coming back, take your whole self with you.
For we should respect every moment for its right, keep moving forward, with every moment, and be sure of yourself while doing so.
What is ahead of us, will decide everything, so take each minute by its head, and grasp it. Again, move forward with your whole self,
not half heartedly or absent mindedly, do not leave yourself in the past, nor anywhere else.
For in the end, there is no light within us, but only our Lord’s light projected upon us. He is our only savior, we can not count upon
ourselves, nor anyone else. So go on, leave the past in the past, get over it, and get over yourself.
That which bothers you in the dunyah is only your own ego looking back at you, in reflection.
Nafs al amara- is the lowest soul, the ego and desire. So do not let it control you, because it can very easily. Those who are controlled
completely by their desires, by their anger, by their lust, by their gluttony, it is never ending. The oppression is not upon anything or
anyone but yourself.
Let not leaving your house be for anything but worship or livelihood, or education. Understand your purpose of leave, and stick to it.
Do not be light in your Amaal, be heavy upon it, because you should be basing every bit of it upon your acquired Ilm. Otherwise,
you are but a hypocrite, ultimately. In every moment, we continue to be created and destroyed, we are never still and unchanging,
even still water, is not really still. It is either coming or going, we are either up or down. Our state within each moment decides our state,
in the next. 
Therefore, remain in a state of saqinah and waqar. Tranquility, calm, dignity, steadfastness. Divine stillness. 
He who doesn’t control the benefit and loss of his own soul, is but at a loss. 
Grow upon the Quraan al Kareem with a steadfast and increasing relationship. You will never be able to learn from it, if you attack it. 
Treat it as your bride, the more aggressive you are, the more it will contain itself from you. The gentler and easier you are, the more 
it will reveal itself to you. You must sit at its feet, and BEG to acquire its light!
The Shaykh. You will need him, for the whiteness of his beard will guide the blackness of yours, the purity of his wisdom, 
will set astraight the naivete and youth of yours. 
Allah azawajaals mercy encapsulates, overbears upon His wrath. The day will come when the water crests will weave through the 
lowest valleys of Jahannam. His mercy will wrap and come through in the end, always.
Take the people as lessons. Ask your Lord to place you amongst the elect, and to raise you along with the righteous.
Avert your gaze from that which invokes desire, and that which is reprehensible. In every step be wary of He, as if you’re upon the
bridge of Siraat. Do not be distracted, nor light on your feet and intellect, be a heavy weight, with true niyaah and understanding.
Guide the lost if you can, in inner and outer. Stay away from the ignorant.
Step into your house again with the step of the dead into their grave.
Understand its value, a place devoted to nothing of dunyah, and everything to seeking God, rememberance & acquiring knowledge. 
Make it your sanctuary, your seclusion, your steady niche of light, ….and only aspire to God in every moment.


November 7, 2009


I trust that I will Trust.

I trust that Trust will save me.

I trust that Trust will save us.

He will save us. I know.

There are no thoughts any longer… no more process, no more reaction;

Just knowing. Stop thinking and you will know. Stop listening to all else, and you shall hear the beautiful silence.

That silence, tells us, all we need to know. It tells us, Trust.

~ When your heart’s on fire, and your head is deep in the water, hearing and seeing nothing, lost in the call of the One, Most Powerful, Most Merciful.. keep to yourself and understand the beauty occuring within and without. Keep the flames burning by turning them to light, for otherwise, they will only die into ashes.