February 24, 2015

A year of heartache past, brings about a New Year striking the wells of Hope once again.

A time of continuous loss can bring about only a time of rejuvenation, taking for the giving, and revived hearts.

Rumi says,

“What is being familiar with love other than being separated from the heart’s desire?”

We are in eternal poverty before our Lord, most High,

and can only seek His shores through the fragility of our Quluub.

What better way to keep seeing His face in front of ours,

then to keep our hearts broken and our bodies pure.

Tears in our eyes, blood flowing from our hearts, our bodies shaking with need,

we approach your Doors, oh Beloved of beloveds.

We seek You, and nothing and noone but You.

We ask You, and noone but You.

We only hope with every ounce of our souls to live and die forYou.

We come to your doors, knocking, begging, seeking with urgency of cries..

Please take us in, ya Rabb. Please take us. Please take us.

We are unworthy of your forgiveness, of your Beneficence..

Our only hope lies within your Mercy, the highest and greatest ofMercies.

Our need is constant, it is bold, it is in the primal and most complex functions of our humanity.

How can we deny the Light trying to grab at our shadows, the Light that is ever trying to shine through…

How can it shine through us if there are no cracks to let it? We must break ourselves, and be broken,

If we ever desire to be taken in, given air, given breath, given life, given water and Light.

Even if you do not desire to feel, to hope, to be truly and deeply happy,

At least be an open receptacle to whatever maybe thrown down onto your Earth from the Heavens.

The rain is a mercy, never forget this.

That water from the skies can never be brought down at any other time, than the exact moment it was predestined to be. Yes, predestined.

If nothing else, then just open your heart and let Him do what He will with it.

Do not close that receptacle. You simply cannot..

For I shall tell you, even if it takes drop by drop, one by one,day after day,

That water will flood you once again,

And you will be happy, once again.

Let me tell you, it is the most exhilarating sensation, to be able to feel, yet once again.