March 9, 2014

Realizing lately… 

How crucial every moment & experience can be for the human heart. The spiritual heart is so powerful yet so vulnerable. Its amazing. And if the body and mind aren’t working towards the heart, then all they’re doing is ripping it apart. The only way to work on the self is by focusing on solely the self, and leaving those who aren’t conducive. 

How much work I have yet do on myself. Losing focus isn’t an option. Sometimes I think I can naturally learn through gaining experience and growing older. But its much more than that. Its an active pursuit of perfection I feel like. 

These moments when I have these thoughts are both merciful yet so overwhelming, because all I can think is, what else have I been blind to all this time.. what else am I sleeping to. 


Al Malik. The King, the Sovereign. The one who owns everything, everything belongs to Him. In His essence and attributes, is not in need of any existing thing. To own something is to do whatever you want to do with it. In and of Himself, he has no need. He’s absolutely independent, everything is in need of Him. 


Each human being has subjects and soldiers. The only kingdom you can control is that of your heart. If you can control yourself, there is no one on the face of the Earth that can control you, in any direction. With the blessing of self-control, having the various faculties under the supervision of the intellect, then you can truly become a king. Your soldiers are your appetites, anger and affections. While his subjects are his tongue, eye and hands. If he rules them and they don’t rule him, he will attain the level of a king in this world. SubhanAllah. The intellect is the supervision, the army of the angels and the army of the shay tan. The nafs is the spy within the kingdom that informs shay tan of what the weaknesses and open gates to the kingdom are. The heart has a number of entry points, and you watch over those gates, you will always have control over yourself. Learning the entry points of the enemy, and your weak points, and knowing how to watch over and close them, then you will be successful. This is the Quranic perspective, this is the principle that should be written in gold. Allah azawajaal will not subjugate anyone to anyone except to the degree in which you let others from your own soul. You will never be subjugated to an external enemy. Hence why Muslims have no one left to blame except themselves, because we are in self-critical, introspective people who need to correct ourselves consistently, by nature. We’re taught to be that way from the essence of the teachings of our deen. Everyone experiences things outwardly, but it takes inward and outward work in balance in order to achieve the epitome of what we need to be. 



One Response to “Realizing..”

  1. Niyah Abdus Saboor said

    Insha Allah your blog is a literary gem. Your March 9, 2014 entry below that…which masjid is depicted in the photo? May Allah Azza-wa-Jall reward you. S’Elever To Ascend…..Prophet Muhammad’s Night Journey & Ascension (Sall Allahu alaihi wa Sallam) Thank you kindly. Sister Niyah Abdus-Saboor

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