August 11, 2012

“It is the greatest, profound commentary on the Seerah.. the Seerah was written originally from a historians perspective, the external. The inward has been seperated somehow, and so we have to balance the two, Imam al Ghazaali does exactly that. Rasulullah s, said that Adab, is about balance. The end of times is proved the imbalance between the esoteric and exoteric; today. Those who think they speak the most in favor of the religion, are usually the ones who chase people the farthest from Tauhid, in today’s society. Problematic.

So Imam al Ghazaali as, puts Rasulullah s, as the core, center of his Ihya. He was the meeting point of the two oceans. Imam is talking about the perfection of humanity, of the Adamic form- through Rasulullah s. He doesnt get into the nit & grit of the battles etc, but paints the picture of the best of forms, micro and macrocosmically. SubhanAllah. Justice & Mercy, Rigor & Beauty, Dunya & Akhirah.


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