July 25, 2012

I wrote this last year right after the Khatim of Tarawih, the last night of Ramazan.

We’ve come a year from then, and have had another great momentous day to add on to the ‘moments’ written of. Last year, Grandfather and Grandmother had their days of pride on their grandson Hafiz Yahyas graduation day, as well as their 2 eldest grandsons Qais & Ibrahims, University & Law school graduation days, where their tears showed the extent of their happiness. This year, I was able to see my Uncle’s and Grandfather’s dream come true with the opening of our new Masjid. Their faces glowing and alight, they showed me around the entirety of the place. I really took the time to reflect on the barakah and depth of such days. We need to be grateful for these days. Year after year, it seems to only get better and more fruitful. May we always see such light upon us, amin.

OH & to add to the rest, Grandfather’s dream of becoming an official American, came true today, 7.25.2012. Hes so happy! Haha, hes something else. My 2 Grandfathers, 2 different beautiful sides to 1 coin. 😉 I love them beyond understanding. They treat(ed) my Grandmothers like the Queens they are, and they’re living to see the fruit of their grandchildren’s successes. Alhamdulillah.


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