February 12, 2012


“He said I feel lonely and hollow from the inside. I said: a true Muslim can’t feel lonely when he has Allah in his life. Who was it with Adam, peace be upon him when he sinned and was made to descend to earth? Had Allah not forgiven him, he would’ve been depressed to death. Who was it with Noah, peace be upon him when the sky and earth were gushing with water and everyone including his son was drowning? Who was it with Ibraheem, peace be upon him when he –alone- destroyed the idols and the pagans threw him in the blazing fire? Who was it with Yusuf, peace be upon him when he was abandoned in the well by his own flesh and blood; to end up in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and a sin he refused to do? Who was it with Moses, peace be upon him when Pharos and his men followed him and his people across the sea? Who was it with our Prophet salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam when he was followed by hundreds of pagans with a bounty on his head? All they wanted was blood.


If what’s between you and Allah is fine, what is between you and the rest of the world doesn’t matter because you have Allah with you.


To all of our oppressed brothers and sisters in Palestine and Syria; you are not alone.” ~ Assim Alhakeem.


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