January 20, 2012


Reality, beloved, is intangible. It cannot be seen, heard, or grasped. It has no name, it has no form.

You suffer because you take transient illusions and grasp upon them, thinking they are real.

What is real has always been there and will always be. But you run from it.

Why do you run from it beloved?

You are afraid, aren’t you? You know that witnessing what is beyond witnessing will kill you, annihilate you, destroy you utterly. You fear what you will never know.

But this is only more illusion, beloved, illusion. You are already dead, loss makes no difference. That reality will bring life to you, that pain of awakening is the pain of birth. Persevere and you will give rise to a new world full of being, otherwise you will stay in the barren wasteland of your own fallen soul.

Everything will die, but the face of reality will always remain, so raise your face and kiss the lips of that which will forever be.

It is a kiss that holds within it the secrets of resurrection,
A kiss that reveals the face of Truth. 

~ Surin delavar, naasirheydari.tumblr.com


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