January 16, 2012

     When you plant a tree
    every leaf that grows will tell you,
what you sow will bear fruit.
So if you have any sense, my friend
don’t plant anything but love,
you show your worth by what you seek.
Water flows to those who want purity
wash your hands of all desires and
come to the table of Love.
   ~ Maulana Rumi.
Every moment is tailor made. My nafs is the only thing that doesn’t seem to fit.
~Imam Muhammad Abdul Latif Finch.
When I speak, my every word
speaks of You.
And when silent,
silently I ache for You.
~ Rabia
If you think it is fortunate for you to have only what suffices you, then you will be sufficed with the least needs of this world. If you think it is not sufficient for you to have the minimum needs of this world, then all the worldly pleasures will not suffice you.
~Imam Jafar as Saadiq
You have learnt so much
And read a thousand books.
Have you ever read your Self?
You have gone to mosque and temple.
Have you ever visited your soul?
~Bulleh Shah
O Lord…
Once I wanted You so much,
I didn’t even dare walk past Your house.
And now,
I am not even worthy to be let in.
~ Rabia al Adawiyya


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