January 1, 2012

Put on the shades & get ready for the sunnin & the lovin!

Bismillah, may the new year strengthen the ummah. May we all reach our aspirations with the help of Allah. May we be the extentions of friendhsip and assistance to each and everyone. May we be good citizens of society. Lastly but certainly not least, may we come closer to Allah and follow the teachings of Muhammad Sallahu Alaihi Wassalam. That would be the best new year 🙂 Happy New Year, Mabrouk, Mubarak, Tabrik, Congartulations 🙂 Do not forget the less fortunate….

– Irfan Makki’s status- Face.

Befriend people of knowledge, for knowledge is a kinship between its people. How many friends were made and though the time spent with them was very little, the love was great and the friendship deep, for Allah gives the seekers of knowledge the ability to recognize each other, and every heart is in His hands.

-Ammar’s status- Face.


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