my Life.

December 29, 2011

This life… in all its ephemeral reality, is such a struggle. Such a fight.
You’re constantly fighting for it all.
Working, sweating, bleeding,
Running, walking, crawling,
One by one, drop for drop, day after day,
So you can live, so you can love, so you can just See..
So you can truly understand what makes this life of yours so glorious.

Do not cease the struggle, the need, the want, the passion.
It is ALL that is keeping you alive, and breathing.
If it weren’t for this exhausting endless fighting,
You would be nothing.

Just holding on is a battle within itself.
Holding on, to love, to God, to knowledge, to faith, to character.
So don’t only hold on, but climb over, and conquer.

Conquer yourself, and you will see God.
See yourself, and you will not see the world any longer.
See God, and you will not see yourself any longer.
Be brave, be truthful, be righteous.
Be all of this to yourself, and your world will fall into place within a blink of an eye.

… and with any difficulty, comes Infinite ease.


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