giving yourself.

November 28, 2011

Why be preoccupied getting

what you ‘deserve’ from others

Even for a day, you waste your time

that is precious and rare

Rather follow the guides

and remain sincere

Let the current of destiny

carry your every affair

People haven’t given themselves

over to God as is right

Expecting satisfaction from people,

you’ll pass away in despair

Admit their rights over you and rise

to fulfill them

Give of yourself fully

without restraint, without care

If you do this, you’ll surely be witnessed by the One

Who knows all hidden things,

the One ever aware.

~ The Sufi is one who gives fully of the self, not one who gets fully for the self.

… al-Sufi man yufi min nafsihi wa la yastawfi li-haa.   { Ibn Ata’Allah as Sikandari.}

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