August 27, 2011

These moments..

In these moments we find our entire lives,
In these moments we see the veils rise up,
We start to see the Truth, the Haqq, behind our every breath,
Our very motions, thoughts, and desires are awoken.
Who we live for, what we live for, why we live,
Are all defined within the immediacy of these moments.

Which moments are these?

The ones where we learn what love is when we see the Light shining forth from our Grandfather’s eyes as he bask’s in the happiness of his grandchildren as they run around him.

The ones where the comforts of our family homes encompass the security & safety of our heart’s daily worries and stresses.

The ones where the aroma of Grandmother’s cooking overtakes our senses and lets us relish in the life long memories of her food, no matter childhood, adolescence, or young adulthood. Through just that aroma.

The ones where the never-ending screaming, running and laughing of the children completely go without discomfort due to the familiarity of its presence.

The ones where the late-night chants for pizza and sleepovers go heeded and unheeded, time and time again.

The ones where Ahmedy’s Rock & Rolling, and Amina’s jibber jabber all entice the rest of us to ponder upon their enchanting young characters. 😛

The ones where the thermoses of tea never end for our Mothers, and the Fathers dining room conference table never sees a day without some calendar plans for FL, Carib getaways, summer weekend vacations, or just next week’s memani.

And proudly, now, the ones where the black of the girl’s cloaks, and the whites of the boy’s thobes, mix and mesh night after night for a month long, standing and prostrating under Sayed Yahya’s beautiful deep recitation..

Where the prayers of the youth are embraced by their Mother’s and Grandmother’s greater dua for them. Where the efforts of the youth are pushed to their highest by the barakah of their Father’s and Grandfather’s prayers of nobility.

Which moments are these?

The ones where we see the true face of happiness as the thundering laughter of children rings out above all the other noise of the world, and we finally understand, this is what we live for.

Which moments…

The ones where the understanding between young, old, and middle aged come to a beautiful serenity through the exchange of a deep sense of communication, that which might not need words at certain times.

Which moments…

The ones in which the elderly are living their lives time and time again through the beauty of their young surrounding them with love and compassion. The ones in which the youth learn to sit still in complete awe of those who are trying to guide them through their pearls of wisdom and experience. The moments in which old and young alike learn the power of love just by looking into one anothers souls through the light shining forth from one another’s eyes.

What living is this, what life is this, that the Most Merciful has blessed us with? Where we see the circle of living and loving within our every breath, within our every day, within our every week’s end. It is something that purely amazes me, to the point that I sit and contemplate, what did we do… what did I do.. to deserve such bountiful love.

To see the Love of the Divine manifest in His creation, in pure form, is not easy in this world of chaos and confusion.
So to truly see that love come to life, through the plethora of family, is like witnessing heaven on earth. The pleasures of the Garden are infinite, so too, the pleasures of this love, of this eternal compassion stemming forth from the eyes of our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, is infinite.

God says “Neither My heaven nor My earth embraces me, but the heart of My believing servant does embrace Me.”

Do you take heed? Do you understand? Do you truly see? For if you do, then give your thanks, give your time, give your life to those who have given you so much already.

Thankfulness is an attribute to be understood, in good times and bad. It is this thankfulness that will take your soul to the skies after your body has left this earth. It is this thankfulness that your Creator will measure when He calculates the blessings and tribulations you have been given. For every tribulation is a blessing in disguise, never forget this. Even His shahr is His khayr. Even above sabr comes shukr. Above the patience in times of trial, comes gratitude. Once we understand this, we will have understood a few drops of His mercy.


One Response to “Moment.”

  1. Anonyme said

    SubhanAllah, this post was beautiful.

    What a wonderful blog I stumbled upon.

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