June 28, 2011

Ya Allah..

Make our journey for your sake, full of strength, full of love, full of might!

Make our journey for the sake of your Ilm, full of light, full of clarity, full of perseverence.

Make our journey for the lands of the Holy, full of khayr & barakah, and in the footsteps of our Saints!

“Oh Allah! Grant us with (the recitation of every) alif, ulfah [love] with (every) baa, barakah [blessing] with (every) taa, tawbah [repentance] with (every) thaa, thawaab [reward] with (every) jeem, jamaal [beauty] with (every) haa, hikmah [wisdom] with (every) khaa, khair [goodness] with (every) daal, daleel [proof]     with (every) dhaal, dhakaa [intelligence] with (every) raa, rahmah [mercy] with (every) zaa, zakaah [purity] with (every) seen, sa’aadah [happiness] with (every) sheen, shifaa’ [cure] with (every) saad, sidq [sincerity] with (every) daad, diyaa’ [light] with (every) taa, taraawah [tenderness] with (every) zaa, zafar [victory] with (every) ‘ain, ‘ilm [knowledge] with (every) ghain, ghinaa [wealth] with (every) faa, falaah [success] with (every) qaaf, qurbah [nearness] with (every) kaaf, karamah [nobility] with (every) laam, lutf [gentleness] with (every) meem, maw’izah [exhortation] with (every) nun, noor [light] with (every) waaw, wuslah [connection] with (every) haa, hidayah [guidance] and with (every) yaa, yaqeen [certainty]!”

Here we come Uludag, Bursa, Istanbul, Turkiyaa.


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