May 28, 2010

You Are Our Master in Both Worlds

You were a ruler; we came under your command
You are our king, promised from eternity
We were just a few; we have realized our goal with you
You are our Sultan in both worlds.

We have forgotten our past kings
You are the pupil of our eyes.
Forgive us our mistake, o intercessor
For the sake of our thousand-year strive.

We have transgressed much, no good deeds we have
We have become spoiled, counting on your nearness
We are rich at heart, but not covetous
A morsel of your intercession would suffice for us.

Almost no one will listen to, alas!
Our wish, so pure
In spite of your illiteracy, O Messenger of God
You are the only one to read our heart

Rosewater flasks have dried
Our tears haven’t stopped; mercy!
The cinders of incense burners have cooled
Hearts are burning with your love

No poet of ours is like Labid, or Hasan
And no poem do we have like Burda or Muallaqa
Except for the history written
By the Ottomans with rubies in red.

Cannot live without you, the children of Ertugrul
Turks will give up their lives, but not the beloved
We are eternally servants of Haramayn
Even if we die, our souls will guard your tomb.

~ Lt. Idris Sabri – Ottoman soldier defending Madinah in WWI


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