October 20, 2009


Dhikr & Shukr  


Whoever is remembering of God, is obedient to Him.

The root sin of all is heedlessness, and the root act of obedience and piety is rememberance.

Mu’taqi ~ “Woe be unto those who pray in ghaflah” 

The essence of dhikr is Salaah ~Jummah, we come together in masses, to remember. ~

Salaah is the key to your deen ~ Wudhu of love is made in your own blood.

Being lost, guidance and misguidance are all rooted in ghafla and dhikr. “So make your heart the Qiblah of your tongue!!” So when your heart makes the isharah and your Aql is in agreement with it, and your Imaan is pleased with it, do not speak, for God is knowing over your soul. He knows everything which is in the heart. Be just like somebody whose spirit is being pulled out of him, or somebody who is standing on the plains of the Yawmil Qiyamah. Do not occupy your soul with anything but that which your Lord has made incumbent upon you.

“Wash your heart with the water of sorrow.” Love with sorrow, be content in sorrow, burn with sorrow. (Sorrow is not grief or sadness, but the feeling of nothingness, agony of seperation from God, the spiritual poverty before God.)

Make your rememberance of God as His rememberance of you. ~ For it is ONE rememberance in the end, for everything is perishing on the face of the earth, except the face of God (that which is faced to God).

For He has remembered you, yet He is independent of you, and His rememberance of you is greater, nearer and more desired.

For He created you to worship Him, remember Him ~ for that is our very, very life, light breath, water.

Khudah yaarit hast, baraiy hamesha, your Only One. Everyone else will leave you.

Within the tombs of the Awliyah, there have been placed broken mirrors, to remind us, in front of God and His friends, you are broken. It’s through sincerity that you realize all of your acts of worship are small. And if you gaze upon your deeds, it shall increase your hypocrisy, arrogance. Make you ‘ghalise’- Arabic for oily/thick, you will give too much weight to your acts of worhsip- counting them.

And that! That is to fall farther, and farther from God.  

Dhikr is Khaalis ~ harmony and sincerity of your Qalb. Dhikr is Saadiq ~ that dhikr is true, you negate all apart from God. “I don’t count my praise of You, You are praised as You praise yourself.” 

Rasulullah (s) never placed any weight on his dhikr and worship. “Whoever desires to remember God, he’ll never be successful in counting it.”  Before Allah azawajaal nothing was ~ we are forever indebted to who.. God. Our seeking forgiveness and hamd is never enough, must know this.  


Ch. 6

~ In every breath thanks giving is necessary, a thousand or more in every moment. For the lowest form of Shukr is to detach everything you’ve been given from other than God.

Sin of being ungrateful ~ Kufr (deeply associated).. Kafir, ungrateful ignorant one*.

First step of being grateful is to accept God’s message,  – root of all war = desire.

Those who are thankful for blessings ~ their lives become blessed ~ “And if you are grateful, We shall increase you.”

To be ungrateful for something in your life, will make it a roadblock for you.

You are in need of His mercy, in order to simply be..

Shukr has a higher station than Sabr. Sabr is needed in face of balaa, you should be thankful for it anyway, no matter how you perceive it- easy or hard. You should trust His hikma. Bc whatever it maybe, He will change it in the Akhiraat into a khayr!

Hazrat Nuh as, known for his Shukr. Hazrat Ibrahim as, known for his Sabr.

Sayyidunah Husayn rwr, prayed Salaatul Shukr at the end of the day of Karbalah, as he lay in blood, as his family lay murdered around him.

“The 1 whom I bless and he is grateful is more precious than the asaabireen in the time of balaa”- Val. Of Hadith questioned. However, main concept understood. Although these two people may be seen as equal in human standpoint.

To express Shukr with the very core of your Qalb ~ for it proves spiritual poverty before God, indeed you have nothing until you have Him ~ and can you ever attain Him? Keep trying.

Shukr for every breath, for every nafas is a new chance, a new opportunity. Which opportunity are you not taking advantage of? How many have we lost..

Success in Shukr is constant blessings, you saying Shukr for a blessing is a blessing within itself. J Oh the Merciful!

Try to drown in His blessings, and Shukr delves farther into the ocean of blessings.

~ Blessings burn into flames and ashes through the breath of the ungrateful.

There is no repitition in the self-disclosure of God, through Shukr we see the beauty of God. Different pictures of the same path ~ must open both eyes in order to see the full beauty of God. Do not let Iblis blind you so you walk around seeing only with 1 eye, that of the nafs.  

~ A true Saint is never bothered by the world, the world is perfect how it is, for it is what is willed to be! God will always be God, and this world is His world! The Exalted!

Within you, you must accept the Mahdi within you, place the Spirit above the soul..

The harshest afflictions and trials may hit the world, and the Mu’min will only see beauty!! SubhanAllah..

The harder you bang gold, the more it shines. Through trials your true colors prevail. Ease, hardship, it is all one trial.  


The Book – Lantern of the Path.

The I raab-al Qulub ~ Path of the Hearts..

The -raising- of the Qalb is in the rememberance..

The -opening- of the Qalb is in contentment..

The -lowering- of the Qalb is in occupation of other than Him..

The -stopping- of the Qalb is in the heedlessness of Him..

When the servant remembers his Lord,every veil between he & Him is raised, put away.

When the heart of the Mu-min is made firm in contentment, how is it that it wont continue to be raised in ease and consistency.

How will he find Him after being occupied with other than Him? Like a ruined empty house which possesses no life and no intimacy any longer. When he is ignorant of the rememberance of his Lord, he will find his heart, totally, and utterly stopped. ~ To journey from intimacy to loneliness.

The -raising- comes through 3 factors..

1. Existence (coming about) of Success (achievement of light within the being)

2. Absence of opposition (to illiminate all tempation to fall into desires, to persevere with Sabr in the face of fitna)

3. Constancy of passion (consistent enlightenment is only achieved through the constant guard against darkness)

The -opening- comes through 3 factors..

1. Tawaqqul: if you completely and totally immerse yourself in true tawaqqul of your Rabb, He will always provide a way for you.

2. Sincerity (Ikhlaas) & Truthfulness (with Him, oneself, and others): righteousness, uprightness consistently.

3. Yaqin: certainty in Allah azawajaal and all He has written & proclaimed.

The -lowering- comes through 3 traits..

1. Arrogance: to possess arrogance is to be in complete ignorance of Allah azawajaal s blessings upon you.

2. Hypocrisy: when your intentions and goals are other than Him, thus, you will receive only other than Him.

3. Greed: There are 2 seekers who will never be satisfied, the seeker of knowledge, and the seeker of dunya.

~Therefore, contentment is needed here in opposing all 3 of these traits. Contentment with your Lord is all you ultimately need, because then, no matter what happens, you will be pleased with His will.

– Sayyiduna Husain (rwr) at the end of the day of Karbalah, laying in a pool of his own blood, beside his martyred family said, – I am pleased with only Your Pleasure.- ! SubhanAllah..the Yaqin!!

The -stopping- is shown through..

1. The destruction/annhilation of the sweetness of worship.

2. The committing of sin is no longer bitter tasting to you.

3. One begins to confuse the halal with the haraam.

Ya Mu min, when one turns towards Allah azawajaal, His Light helps you see the world clearly, for everything it was created for, for all it is worth. The world is physical, weighted, (weighing you down), you throw it in water, and it sinks. However, Light penetrates through the water. Ignorance is only the result of heedlessness. To see with the Light, is to see all and everything in true color, true depth!

Maulana said, -Hell is a room without windows..- If you are stuck in a room without windows, make one! One must, must make windows for oneself, even if none are in sight. It is painful, but needed. Thus, it is that pain that one endures and eventually glimpses a sight of the enlightened opening, or it can also be that pain that pushes one to turn away completely, into what.. Into concealement, darkness, ultimately kufr- (root word meaning concealement).

Therefore, join rememberance upon yourself and between one another. Let your days and nights drown in rememberance, for that is all we were here to do. How do we see and remember more clearly? How do we see the world how the Quran sees the world? To remember, to seek, to learn, to reflect. !



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