May 21, 2009


Let us step through the dawning mist and awaken our senses,

for we have died and been born once again.

It is incredible, to look, to see, to appreciate all that has been..

And then to take a step forward knowing what is behind you,

Will not leave, will not disappear, but will be with you, now and for always.

For what isn’t disappearing, what isn’t illusionary, what isn’t temporarily before us..

It all comes, and so it all goes, where has it brought us, is what we must understand.

From there to here, and now, from here…to where.

Well let us stand still for a moment, to just look.. and see.

Truly see.

How far have we come, how far will we go..

Ilm o Amaal.

The path of the quluub will never cease to be lit…

It is with that fire that we see, that we listen, that we will.

So,  let the quluub breathe once again.

Let the ruuh expand yet again,  let the souls ease with patience and serenity,

Thus we shall know, and keep knowing.

~Dar bahr-i Khudah, ba fazleh tauwfiq-i Khudah.


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