To come and go..

April 16, 2009

I wonder what these people think friendship with God is. 
That God who created the heavens, who created the earth, 
Who made the universe appear~
Is His friendship gained so easily that you come before Him, you talk and you listen?
Do you fancy this is a soup kitchen?
You come in and drink it down?
Then you just leave?

Islam and faith are opposition to caprice. Unbelief is conformity with caprice. When someone gains faith, this means that he has made a covenant not to conform to caprice. This one says, I’m a believer, I’m disgusted with caprice.” But he isn’t. He wants neither to pay the tribute nor to abandon caprice. He says, “I’m a believer,” but he’s not a believer. He says “I’m peace,” but he’s not peace. 

And glorify Him through the long night [76:26]. In other words, when a veil comes between the disciple and the sheikh that is night. When darkness comes upon you, at that time you must glorify Him with seriousness. You must try to make that curtain disappear. The more darkness increases and the more the sheikh becomes disliked by you, the more you must strive in his service. Do not grieve and do not despair if the darkness becomes long, because “through the long night”. When the darkness becomes long, after that the brightness will be long. 

The high places will be earned in the measure of diligence because when the veil has not come, this brings the self’s tasting and light into movement for, whenever someone finds, that is the influence of “I blew into him of My spirit [15:29]. It is that which does the work. For darkness may come in, a veil and an estrangement, such hat he becomes unaware of the state of the companion. The soul begins o take control, and it starts to make interpretations, because it is not able to breathe in the midst of that love and brightness. As long as the soul keeps on interpreting, make yourself a fool, because Most of the folk of the Garden are fools. – {Perceive with your heart, think with your intuition of what is right, don’t use intellect in the sense of overanalyzation, keep your heart clean and your thoughts simple.}

The majority of the denizens of hell are from among these clever people, these philosophers, these knowledgeable people, the ones whom cleverness has become a veil. From everything they imagine, ten more imaginings arise, like the offspring of Gog. 

Sometimes he says, “There is no road.” Sometimes he says, “If there is, it’s long.” Yes, the road is long, but when you go, extreme happiness does not let you see the length of the road. Such is The Garden is surrounded by detestable things. All around the garden of paradise there are fields of brambles. But, the scent, which comes forth in welcome and gives news of the beloveds to the lovers, makes those bramble fields pleasant. If I were to explain the pleasantness of this road, no one could bear it. 

~ Avoiding Caprice, Me & Rumi.


One Response to “To come and go..”

  1. Esra said

    MashAllah, you have a beautiful writing! May Allah nourish you…


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