April 6, 2009


(Mt. Hira)

Imam Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazaali (rh) wrote upon meditation, in the sense that it is held superior to dhikr, for in addition to the essence of dhikr, it includes two additionalities, of which 1 is recognition of Allah azawajaal, for which meditation is said to be key, and 2 the love of Allah azawajaal, which is induced by deep thinking. It is this meditation, which the tradition of the Sufi’s call ‘Muraqaabah’, and the virtue of which is narrated in many ahaadith.

Bibi Aisha (rwr) reported that the Prophet (s) had said silent dhikr, which is not heard even by the angels, is rewarded seventy times over. On the Yawmil Qiyaamah, Allah will summon all creation for reckoning, and the recording angels will bring the recorded accounts of all the people, Allah will ask them to verify if there is any more good deed to the credit of a certain individual. THey will submit that they had not omitted anything from his recorded account. Allah will then say, there is yet one good to his credit, which is not known to the angels, and it is his dhikr in silence.

Between the lover and the beloved, there is a code of communication that is not known even to the reporting angels.


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