April 5, 2009

To attain Love of Allah, azawajaal ~
Moulay Abd as-Salam said to Abu al-Hasan one day: ‘Beware of people! Purify your tongue from mentioning them, and your heart from acting to please them! Guard your extremities and perform your obligations, and you will attain the Wilaya of Allah. Never mention them, except when the right of Allah upon you demands it, and your piety will be complete. Say: O Allah, preserve me from mentioning them, and from the obstacles they present, and save me from the evil of them, and suffice me with Your goodness over theirs, and distinguish me from among them, indeed You are capable of all things!”

When a righteous servant of Allah asks his Lord to distinguish him from amongst the people, he is not asking for palaces, wealth, or fame. Rather, he asks for the opposite; for utter freedom from the needs of this world. When the righteous slave of Allah seeks refuge with Him from the people, and their mention, he does not do so out of hatred for them, nor disdain for them, nor arrogance. He does not feel himself to be better than them, and so seek refuge from their evil. Rather, he seeks from Allah to place him in such a state that his heart is free of need for anything of the creation, and to rid his ego from the need to constantly please people and have a good reputation amongst them, even at the expense of seeking the pleasure of Allah. The Friend of Allah does not hate people, nor does he harbour ill will toward them; indeed, he does not see them at all. When a lover beholds his beloved, if the whole of the world and its delights were to be paraded before him, his gaze would not fall upon it even for the blinking of an eye. Such is it with those who love Allah.


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