Gleam of Night..

February 23, 2009


~ Of Sayyidunah ‘Ali,

Darrar ibn Damra said, describing ‘Ali, may God honor his countenance:

He felt estranged from the world and its beauty, and was intimate with night and its darkness. I bear witness that i saw him once when night had fallen, and the stars had risen, wakeful in his retreat, like a man that had been stung, restless as though wounded, weeping sorrowfully, holding his beard, and saying “O world! Deceive other than myself! Is it for me that you beautify yourself? Is it to me that you manifest yourself? I have divorced you thrice; there can be no return, for your span is short, your worth insignificant, and your danger great! Ah! The scarcity of provision, the length of the way, and the estrangement of traveling!”


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