February 4, 2009



The burning of the passion sometimes gets to such a point that…
You don’t know what do with yourself.
No one satisfies you, no one can quench that thirst
No one can gratify that desire for you.
It’s when you have reached the top rung of the ladder and you don’t know how to climb up anymore, for all you have known is rungs, so how else do you ascend?
That’s when you look up and know what to do.
Let go.
And now, ladder in your hand, you’re flying.
You just are- don’t ask why.
Don’t ask anything.
Unbelievable, you don’t know your own competency any longer?
What is this?
You’ve reached the unknown,
burning hits your limbs, passions courses your very blood,
You Love with water flowing from falls and fountains…
You can’t wait to quench your thirst any longer.
He is so beautiful you don’t know anything ugly.
He is so majestic; radiant you don’t see anything else.
He is so pure you don’t think of anything else.
He is the object of your every desire,
You burn for Him like nothing else,
You burn so badly you no longer know what do with yourself.
Precisely, it is then that you let go to Him,
You let go of all but He,
You become utterly poor, utterly weak,
Left at the mercy of that Love.
What do you do now?
Listen for His footsteps, look for His sight,
Taste for his presence, sense only His scent…
He has taken you over completely, in all and every way.
And that is Surrender!
That is annihilation.
That is Love!


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