November 13, 2008

The winds of yesterdays blow often and quick these days…

The scents of childhood, of youth, of growing, hit me one after another,

What times, oh what times of careless days and nights,

How they all pass, and leave only their dust behind them.

I wish I could go visit them from time to time, step out of today for a bit and live in yesterday.

I would surely come back, but just to basque in the deep comforts of childhood once more,

What would I do to enjoy that, once more.

I couldn’t ask for more from what I’ve been given to this day, its all I could’ve dreamed of.

Tommorrow I dare not ask about, leave it in the cloud it resides within.

But yesterday, oh what times they were.

The running, the screaming, the falling, the tumbling, the laughing, the crying,

Screams like those don’t come anymore,

The ones that would explode so freely under the tremendous, deep blue sky, the shining sun,

And atop the lush green grasses, running, running, running through utter freedom.

The colors of children will never fade, they leave distinct footprints on the hearts.

How I laugh now, upon the frustrations and cries of youth, of the limited understandings,

Of the blindness in one eye, now that I see with two. How amusing we were…

The pains experienced in steep rises and falls of growth, now all blown away in the sands of time.

Truly, wisdom is only attained through experience, and although I haven’t walked the whole world,

I’ve seen all.

It is incredible how the world leaves you spinning while you think you’re the one standing still.

Now it’s all just become a reminiscent smile on my face, eyes in deep rememberance…

Ears listening for the fading screams of childhood.

I’m ready.

I’m ready, I’m ready to make yesterday happen tomorrow.



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