October 23, 2008

This world is a treasure, and it is a serpent. Some people play with the treasure, some

with the serpent. Those who play with the serpent must give their hearts over to being

bitten by it. It bites the tail, and the head. If it bites the tail and you don’t wake up, it will

bite the head.

Those who turn away from the serpent and have not been deluded by its jewels and

kindness put the shaykh that is intellect in front—because the shaykh of intellect is the

emerald [that blinds] the serpent’s gaze. When the dragon-like serpent sees that the

shaykh of intellect is the leader of the caravan, it becomes low, lowly, and frail. In that

water it used to be like a shark, but under the foot of intellect it becomes a bridge. Its

poison becomes sugar, its thorns roses. It used to be a highwayman, but it becomes the

escort. It used to be the stuff of fear, but it becomes the stuff of security. (313)


Intellect takes you to the threshold, but it doesn’t take you into the house. There intellect

is a veil, the heart a veil, the secret heart a veil. (180)


Intellect is a master archer. It can pull the bowstring to the ear. However, the this-worldly

intellect is laid low by nature. It can pull the string, but not to the ear. With a thousand

tricks it makes it reach the mouth. If you let go of the bowstring from the mouth, what

work can it do? Only if you let it go from the ear will it make a wound.

So, words that come from the mouth are nothing—only if they come from action and

practice. I am the least of the least and the lowest of the low. God knows my soul better

than I, and I know my soul better than you.

The words of the this-worldly intellect come from the mouth. The words of the thatworldly

intellect are an arrow shot from the depth of the soul. Therefore, If only a Koran,

whereby the mountains were set in motion, or the earth were cleft [13:31].

Words that don’t spring up from thought

aren’t suited for speaking or writing.

One should look both before and behind so that love for this world does not become a

barrier, for your love for a thing makes you blind and deaf. When love for this world

dominates over love of religion, it makes you blind and deaf. The result is We have put

before them a barrier, and behind them a barrier [36:9]. It may be that they will repent

and wakefulness will arrive. Then that love will decrease, and the barrier will become

thinner. For the most part, this is achieved through companionship with good

companions. Good companions last with someone who is sweet-tempered and longsuffering.

~ Me & Rumi.


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