October 10, 2008


I try to shut my eyes to the deafening roar of the world

and only hear the quiet chaq..chaq of the water drops,

The drops delicately flowing down the surface of my cheek,

the waters flowing in and out of me, desperately

In attempts to purify, rejuvenate, intoxicate…

the harder they fall down my face, the clearer my eye sight becomes,

the more intensified my cries become, the brighter the light becomes,

burning my eyes, my heart tossing and turning, in complete drunkeness, in utter wild commotion, whispering in hushed voices, where have I come?

Where has your Love brought me?

Here and there, I search, rushing to and fro, where are you oh Love?

Have I sought You long enough…have I loved You strongly enough…

have I beheld You in my heart,

through my eyes, my ears, through my flesh & bones, has it been enough?

Kala! No, never! It’s never enough!

Keep seeking, keep coming, keep drinking!

The ocean of wine will never dry out, the seas of Love will never lose their taste,

don’t you know… yak chakre en daryaii Muhabbat az ashqe Mothaar meftah…

don’t you see…

It will never be enough.

Never cease asking!

I say, I didn’t hesitate to ask before,

and with what pearls and rubies, emeralds and opals I was rewarded with.

What didn’t I receive…

Mercy in its greatness cannot be perceived, mercy in its detail cannot be counted.

I asked, and from a most generous drop of that beneficent, benevolent ocean I received.

Now, that I sit and contemplate my bejewelment,

I sense the scent of dishonesty luring its way through the thief.

Who is coming to take my jewels, my wine cups, my treasures…

Where to run and hide, where to protect myself from the harsh winds of the bold,

lieing winter sun.

Flee! Flee! For otherwise, your treasures will be taken and only a trace,

a scent of all that once was will be left.

No, I refuse, I will stand still, and I will fight my enemy face to face,

Hit me with blows! thousands of times over! Hazaar ba hazaar dafah,

You will not see me flinch.

I am stone with skin as hard as the oyster shell,

and treasures more beautiful than any pearls you can imagine.

Whose to say I will open for the enemy,

revealing my inner most secrets to mere illusions, never!

Take your blows, then leave me be, I may be battered, but I will not crack, I may be stricken but I shall refuse to weaken! Afterall…what is skin and bones, flesh and nerve, if not protection for the deepest locked treasure.

They are meant to be blown at, meant to be torn, but as long as the Light pulses from within, as long as Love screams in delight from the depths of my soul, I will never leave that which I came in search of!

Behold! The strength of the Lover! The intensity of intoxication! The brilliant radiance of the Light!



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