September 28, 2008


May He who brought all the causes of the East and the West into existence cause us to meet again. For He provided causes to make us from a drop of sperm. It had neither ears, nor awareness, nor intellect, nor eyes, neither the attribute of kingliness nor that of servant hood; it knew neither heartache nor joy, neither abasement nor greatness. He gave that unaware drop a home in the womb and made it into blood through a subtle process. Then He coagulated and congealed that blood and, in that private house, made it into new flesh without head or organ. He opened the door of the mouth, the eyes, and the ears. He provided a tongue and then, behind the mouth, the treasury of the breat. Within it He placed the heart, which is both a drop and a world, a pearl an an ocean, a servant and a King. Whose intellect could have comprehended that He would bring us forth from that lowly and unaware region to this one? God says, “You have seen and heard from whence to where I have brought you. Now I tell you that I will take you out from this earth and heaven to an earth finer than raw silver and a heaven that cannot be contained in imagination or description because of its spirit-augmenting power and subtlety. The revolution of that heaven makes no young man decrepit or new thing old; nothing rots or decays, nothing dies; no person awake ever sleeps, since sleep is for the sake of the rest and the expulsion of fatigue, but there no fatigue exists, nor any weariness.”
If you do not believe God’s words, then think about that drop of sperm: Suppose you had said to it, “God possesses a world outside of this darkness, within which are a heaven, a sun and a moon, countries, cities and gardens. In it are His servants, some of whom are kings; some are wealthy, some healthy, some afflicted and blind. So fear how you leave this dark house, oh drop of sperm! Which one will you be?” That sperm drop’s imagination and intellect would not have believed this story. How could it accept that other than darknesss and bloody nourishment another world and food exist? So be sure that it would be heedless and deny. Yet it could not escape. It would be pulled and dragged outside.

~ The manner in which Maulana teaches through this letter of his, to draw a clear moral can be seen plainly.

For a time you were the four elements, for a time an animal. Now you have been a spirit, so become the Beloved! Become the Beloved!

The root of bounties descended from heavens to the eart and became the food of the pure spirit.

Why should it be surprising that the spirit does not remember its previous abodes, wherein it resided beforehand and it was born? For this world, like a dream, covers over all things, as clouds veil the stars.

– The Sufi Path of Love: William C. Chittick



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