August 9, 2008

(pronunciation key: qur-bah) – a verbal noun. 

1. A closeness based on a strong uniting feeling of respect, honour, or love;
2. Intimate or confidential;
3. Dear, Kinship, Relation;
4. Being in or having proximity in space or time;
5. A closeness attained from actions which are pleasing to God.

Qurba… the metaphor of knowledge that is closeknowledge that draws you closer to Allahknowledge that is an act of worship

What is Qurba?

Qurba, a project of The Razi Institute, facilitates and provides access to essential Islamic knowledge through coordinated weekly sessions, educational retreats and weekend programs.

Summer Educational Retreat 2008 marks the launch of the Qurba initiative. The retreat will feature two parallel programs: The Essentials Program and The Intensive Program. 

The retreat will establish the foundation for your journey into the vast world of the Islamic tradition and sciences.

More information about the Summer Educational Retreat 2008 and the two programs being offered can be found by clicking one of the following icons.

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