July 26, 2008

Subhan’Allah… the test of this dunya is all ephemeral yet sometimes it feels like anything but. When the struggle of the modern world doubles up with culture as well as the personal jihadal-nafs, it really starts to seem endless! When the face-forwardly haraam is accepted as the norm in your society, this is when you begin to feel the uphill climb, or should I say mountainous? Subhan’Allah these people have so much, soooo much, blessed with health, wealth, family, family and more family, yet it seems as if the blessings just pass over everyones heads, with little gratitude and little hamd. Allah azawajaal is only the true Judge, one cannot pass judgement so easily. Yet, having had to just sit out an intermixed wedding with dancing and music until 1 in the a.m, I really feel that we are using all this barakah and blessing in exactly the wrong way. We can enjoy ourselves just as grandly by having a bit simpler occasions, events, parties, with just as many people, perhaps with a pardah between the genders, and an absence of music, yet we loudly choose not to. What is so wrong…? The ties binding them to their culture are as steadfast and strong as ever, with little picture of it rolling loose. Perhaps these ‘events’ may not have any near-future end, but maybe we can start with a variety of more ‘Islamicified’ (my own word) occasions, and step by step, inshaa’Allah a variety can turn into a diversity, a diversity into a majority, a majority favoring the true face of Islam. Inshaa’Allah. Make duaa that we be guided amongst our societies, and that we who seem so strange to the masses do not succumb to them but rather guide them in humility and forebearance. Ameen. 

For the hearts are only in Allah’s hands…

Lastly, as Rasulullah (s) said, you are of the deen of your friend, so let us choose those closest to our hearts those we perceive as closest to Allah azawajaal. Insha’Allah.


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