Keffiyeh :)

July 10, 2008

So this past weekend was the ICNA convention in Conneticut, Alhamdulillah it passed very nicely. I enjoyed it very, very much. Masha’Allah may the strength and the unity experienced over this one weekend keep increasing and enlightening with much glory, insha’Allah 🙂

However, unlike the lectures, the shopping wasn’t very much. I got manifold out of the conference, but I only got 1 thing out of the bazaar. And that was, a….Keffiyeh. Yes, completely spontaneous on the spot, {what I am} and whatever else you can call it, I happily bought myself a black & white Keff. And that wasn’t even the good part, the better part came when I modelled it for fellow sista’s, and they liked it wary much. Happy to say, it looked good 🙂 The part I liked the best out of all of it was that once I had it around my neck, I felt more than an extra scarf tied around my hijab, but quite a sense of representatin, as they say. I didn’t think I would, but yet I did. Representin, not rebellin (as most people don it to) but definitely a symbol of more so fellow Muslims of our day and age. It isn’t only the struggle of the Muslim countries, but every Muslims struggle for peace, tranquility and understanding between all the people of the world. It’s what we need to stand for, and what Islam teaches us in all its honour and highness.

Hm, yeah thats about it, other than the fact that I saw so many brothers & sisters I haven’t seen in so long!!!


I loved the convention, I truly did. What an inspiration, subhan’Allah.

!!!!!! –(if you were there as well, share your thoughts as you please :))

OH yes, and how could I forget Baba. Baba Ali…az khanda kusht. It was good to finally see the brother in person, he’s quite different in person, yet kind of the same 🙂 He’s going to make a movie, so support him all the way guys !!!


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