The Means…

June 3, 2008

The Means Towards Knowledge
–Shaykh Hussein Abdul Sattar

Everything that was created on Earth, all of nature and living creation, was put here as a means for us to better serve our purpose. Not only to help us fulfill our servitude to the Lord of all creation but more adequately pass the test of dunya. We should use our environment as well as our society to achieve a perfect form of servitude to Allah azawajaal. We do this by purifying every intention for Allah before every interaction with our universe.

The 5 senses of the human were given so to ascertain the different facades of our environment into information. This information is further processed through our Intellect so to produce further explication and expansion. Thus, we go from our basic sensory to our power of logic and reason, and from there, there is one higher form of comprehension, which is Wahy (revelation).

Wahy literally means to inspire secretly/ to reveal. Wahy is above and beyond the senses and logic for it does not have fault, whereas our sensory system and our reasoning can have errors and weaknesses. Wahy is only inspired by Allah azawajaal.

–Reason makes logic out of the senses, in observation of the environment and ascertainment that the world in its’ natural state is in a certain order, that it is not random, but that its there for a purpose. Wahy further proves this basic notion by conjoining our senses and reasoning, indeed proving the existence of Allah azawajaal.

Wahy does not have to be comprehended by the Intellect! Wahy is Wahy, no matter if one understands what it means or not. By this we mean, we cannot try to prove Wahy through our intellect. Intellect can only provide wisdom behind the Wahy, or a better understanding of it. Wahy is 100% definite and correct, universal, while intellect provides reasoning that is only theory and conjecture.

That is why when we try to prove whether a Hadith is Sahih or not, we must primarily look at the chain of narration. If the chain is connected stably to the Prophet salalahu elaiyhe wasalim, then when we can ascertain that it is sound, and that it is worthy of being called Wahy.

The Sahabah (radiyallahu anhum wa radu’An) had full comprehension of Wahy. Hence, how this degree of comprehension made their understanding what it was, increasing their Iman to what it was; above and beyond.

Lecture can be found @ , part of The Miracle of Revelation series.



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