Beauty of the Beloved

May 29, 2008

–taken from Wisdom and Witticisms at Juhah.wordpress

From the Madina Institute

He saws_4resized.jpg had the most radiant coloring, deep black eyes which were wide set and had a sort of red tint to them, long eyelashes, a bright complexion, an aquiline nose, and a gap between his front teeth. His saws_4resized.jpg face was round with a wide brow and he saws_4resized.jpg had a thick beard which reached his chest. His saws_4resized.jpg chest and abdomen were of equal size. He saws_4resized.jpg was broad-chested with broad shoulders. He saws_4resized.jpg had large bones, large arms, thick palms and soles, long fingers, fair skin and fine hair from the chest to the navel. He saws_4resized.jpg was neither tall nor short, but between the two. In spite of that, no tall person who walked with the Prophet saws_4resized.jpg seemed taller than him. His saws_4resized.jpg hair was neither curly nor straight. When he saws_4resized.jpg laughed and his blessed teeth showed, it was like a flash of lighting or they seemed as white as hailstones. When he saws_4resized.jpg spoke, it was like light issuing from between his teeth. He saws_4resized.jpg had a well-formed neck, neither broad nor fat. He saws_4resized.jpg had a compact body which was not fleshy.

Al-Bara’ said, “I did not see anyone with a more beautiful lock of hair resting on a red robe than the Messenger of Allah saws_4resized.jpg.”

Abu Hurayra said, “I have not seen anything more beautiful than the Messenger of Allah saws_4resized.jpg. It was as if the sun was shining in his face. When he saws_4resized.jpg laughed, it reflected on the wall.”

Jabir ibn Samura was asked, ”Was his saws_4resized.jpg face like a sword?” He replied, “No, it was like the sun and the moon. It was round.” (In al-Bukhari and Muslim and elsewhere)

In her description, Umm Ma’bad said, “From afar, he saws_4resized.jpg was the most beautiful of people, and close up he was the most handsome.” (Al-Bayhaqi)

Ibn Abi Hala said, “His saws_4resized.jpg face shone like the full moon.”

At the end of his description, ‘Ali said, “Anyone who saw him saws_4resized.jpg suddenly was filled with awe of him. Those who kept his company loved him.”

All who described him saws_4resized.jpg said they had not see anyone like him saws_4resized.jpg either before or since.

Qadhi ‘Iyad, Healing by the Recognition of the Rigths of the Chosen One
Kitab ash-Shifa bi Ta’rif Huquq al-Mustafa


2 Responses to “Beauty of the Beloved”

  1. Yaser said

    Jazakillah for the reminder. I love the shama`il of the Prophet, upon him blessings and peace, and its always a good way to reconnect and rekindle one’s love for him after forgetting about it. in shaa` Allah we’ll all get to see him in this life and again drink from his hands at the hawd.

  2. Doa said

    ❤ subhanAllah.

    I jacked an old copy of Zaytuna’s newsletter “Seasons” because it had the most beautiful descriptions of the beloved saws in it. I’m working on an artpiece with it insha Allah. Then i’m gonna give back the newsletter to the prayer room lol 🙂

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