Truly Pious…

May 12, 2008


Those That are Truly Pious

The truly pious sisters never do anything to ever jeopardize their haya
The truly pious sisters have a deep attachment to salah

They have noor dripping from their faces
They are never to be found in all the wrong places

The truly pious sisters are always glowing
They are not the ones that have all their limbs showing

Rather they are those that wear abayas; long, loose and flowing
And when they are tested by Allah they increase their ibadah and keep going

They are mindful of their speech and never engage in idle talk
And they are not amongst those that wish to be noticed when they walk

They are those that have ilm and are constantly seeking
They have the best adab, ahklaq, and manner of speaking

Just like the truly pious sisters there are only a few truly pious brothers
And the truly pious brothers take care of their sisters and mothers

The truly pious brothers have exemplary ahklaq
Pants rolled above the ankle and carrying a miswak

The truly pious brother is cautious about violating others rights
And you can hear his attachment to the Quran with every Surah he recites

His forehead has the mark that only one can get from praying tahajjud every night
Noor eminates from him, and every strand of his beard twinkles like a light

And if the time comes to fight, then he will not take flight
He will enter the battlefield strong like a knight

The truly pious brother makes dua to Allah for his enemies to be guided
And doesn’t incite hatred towards other Muslims, lest we become more divided

The truly pious brother’s eyes are always looking toward the ground
Lowering the gaze because non-mahram women are around

He never insults or curses anyone, and never wastes time
He’s always just with others and keeps his nafs in line

The truly pious brother is always trying to learn more in the deen
Traveling for the sake of ilm is a regular routine

The truly pious brother is always making istigfar for the sins that he may or may not have done.
And he is not the lazy, depressed or pessimistic one

The truly pious brother loves for his brother what he loves for himself
He is never satisfied with his condition, so he is always improving himself

And you will find that the truly pious sisters have sabr and complete tawakkul in Allah
And the truly pious brothers have devoted themselves to seeking the pleasure of Allah

And you will find that those that are truly pious are like the scent of perfume in the air
To the average Muslim, they just don’t compare

They are like precious jewels that are extremely rare
Remaining in their pure form because they are unfit to wear

So if you want to marry from amongst those that are truly pious, then be worthy and not obscene
And don’t waste your time looking for them in places that they would never dare to be seen

You would never go to a swamp to discover a pearl!
Unless instead of a pious woman you want a cover girl!

And if you think that you can go to a garbage dump in search of diamonds
Then that is because you’re looking for Cubic Zirconia, and not those that are truly pious

~ Naimah Abraham


One Response to “Truly Pious…”

  1. Doa said

    LOL Tell ’em Naimah!!!!
    i miss my talented sister masha Allah.\
    May Allah forgive us, and make us among the pious. Ameen

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