Falling in Love

April 17, 2008

My Lord I ask you for your aid, and my words to lift,
In honour of your greatest treasure and most precious gift
A gift that lit the world and graced the lives of those on earth
And I take this time to say these words in tribute on his birth.

He’s the one who called us to the belief in God the one
And whosoever embraces God has most truly won.

He’s the one who shattered for us the statues we would dread
And how the idols do exist, but only in our head.

He’s the one who showed us that knowledge is our light
And ignorance, the darkness, is the source of our plight.

He’s the one who placed his trust in the use of reason
And to abandon it was, to him, the worst form of treason.

He’s the one who told us that we must discard superstition
And never to adopt our beliefs out of custom and tradition.

He’s the one who God has sent in order to reform
Our moral code for us to live in upright, human, form.

He’s the one who made us see the harms of our sins
And taught us that our blind desires is where it all begins.

He’s the one who broke the chains of slavery to man,
And taught us that we’re all born free, according to God’s plan.

He’s the one who set for us an example of how to be
And taught us how to live in honour, and with human dignity.

He’s the one who dared not judge by blood or by breed,
And taught us that we’re only known by our word and deed.

He’s the one who made us stop fighting against each other,
And taught us that we’re family, and to respect our dear brother.

The Prophet of Mercy and the Messenger of Peace,
He’s Muhammad, God’s beloved, and His Masterpiece!

(Ibn Turab)

Falling in Love with the Beloved of Allaah-

some gems from Sheikh Muhammad Ninowy’s visit to Stonybrook.

The Beloved of Allaah!


Adhab of Al-Islaam:


Allaah azawajaal: “I have only created men and jinns to worship me.” (Quran)

Prophet (asalaatu wasalaam): “I have only been sent to perfect good character.”


Islam came to elevate the standard of good character, to elevate the par.


If you are good to those who are good to you, then what good are you?

-that is the minimal requirement of Ihsan, strive to do good to all, no matter how they treat you in return.


Be on the highest level of akhlaaq, this is what distinguishes you from all others; doing more than you’re expected! Rush to build your akhlaaq, the infrastructure of your soul. You can only build from the heart. And if Shaytan destructs your adhab he has hit your core, your backbone. Thus, do not sell your soul, for anything or anyone.


Suratul Imran: Allaah azawajaal has done the mu’mineen the greatest favor of bestowing upon them Muhammad (as). Purifying, illuminating our souls, as well as feeding/nurturing our bodies.


The Prophet asalaatu wasalaam said: “I am a gift of mercy (to all mankind)”

Allaah azawajaal: “You were sent as a mercy to the universe.”


People have slandered against you, and will continue to do so, however, as long as the hearts of the believers beat, you (Muhammad (s)) are in every heartbeat!


The eye will deny the sunshine, not because it’s not there, but because the eyes are blind. The mouths cannot taste the sweet waters, only because of the diseases in their mouths. – Purify yourselves before you can grow close to your Beloved.


Al-Mahmud – the All-Praised. Muhammad- the Praised.


The Mubarak Night of Al Isra wal Miraaj occurred so all the Prophets alaiyhesalaam and the Anbiyaah know who the Beloved (as) is!

          Hazrat Isa alaiheysalaam was waiting for 600 years for the birth of Muhammad (as), giving good tidings to others, all along. Subhan’Allaah!


The whole point of Ibadah is nurturing and reviving your soul, through establishing the everyday adhkaar & awraad.


Our deen, ultimately, is loving Muhammad (as), through which comes Muhabba of one another. Until the Prophet (S) is more important to you than all your loved ones, than you do not truly believe.

            -Sayyidina Umar in his humbleness and love around the Nabi (S)- Humility.


On our priority list- where is the Rasul of Allaah (swt)?

Once you have put him as number one, first before all else, then your Imaan will be complete.


Sayyidina Umaar contemplated, “I saw that my need for Rasulullah (S) was greater than my need for myself (because he was the one who taught me darkness to light, changed me into a Muhsin, therefore I love him more than myself)” Ma shaa’ Allaah!


The Nabi (s) is worrying for each of his Ummah, individually. His love for us is that everlasting, every good deed of yours he is pleased with. You send Salaam upon him, he sends it back!


Rasulullah (S) is waiting for us at Al-Kauthar, so that we satisfy our thirst!


My brother’s are those who come after me, not having seen me love me!

          The least we could is try to love him back just as much. By increasing our knowledge of the Sunnah, to the point of attaining Ilm and implementing Sunnah. Then you will surely taste the sweetness of love.

          Eat your date and taste its’ sweetness, out of the sweetness of your love for the  original eater of the date!


Through Ziyaarah- you shall taste the sweat of Imaan put into the soil of Makkah & Madinah!


Through Durood- you perfect your awraad as justly and fully as possible, according to the Sunnah, and further polish it off with adhkaar; durood and salawat.



3 ways to Love the Beloved:

            1.) Adhab: compassion, mercy, and Ihsan!

            2.) Ziyaarah!

            3.) Durood: the ones whom are closest to me on the DOJ is the one who has made the

                 most salawaat/salaam upon me!

-Thauban (ra) was crying and looking ill at one time because he was away from Rasulullah! Subhan’Allaahi wa bihamdihi! Have we ever cried because of our distance from our Rasul (S)?!


          Tazkiyyah and Tahajjud are the best ways to nourish our Nafs, through 1 on 1 time with Allaah azawajaal. – Take practical steps to your change.


          Elevate your Dhikr upon the Rasul (S). Keep increasing, and keep increasing. For this only does good- raises the Rasul (S), elevates him (S), in turn elevating YOU and increasing your Love for him. – We are ordained in the Quraan to make Salawat upon the Prophet (S), this is how important it is.


o        Ya Nabi! Ya Rasul! Loving you is Fardh! May you become the love of my heart, the love of my soul!


          At the end of the day all that matters is how happy you have made your Lord azawajaal and how close you have grown to your Rasul (S).


          Through increased Durood and knowledge of the Sunnah comes Amaal from Ilm. The point of learning is only, and ONLY to practice. You are only burdening your back if you compile Ilm.


          And the Adhab of Ilm is to learn it extensively and excel it. You are deprived if you don’t know the depth of each Hadith!


          Rumi rahimullah, seeked Shamsi Tabrizi post scholarship, for Shams was a scholar of the soul . Shams then took all of Rumi’s writings and books and threw them into the fire. Rumi hurriedly rushed to take them out of the fire so they wouldn’t burn, and Shams with one sweep of his arm brushed them out of the fire without a mark. When Rumi realized this man was not just another, Shams asked him, what good are your books if they are going to be a barrier to your learning? – It’s about going beyond the words,and letting the ink change your heart, and if it can’t do that, then they are useless!


          Ilm of the Sunnah really is all about helping you arrive at Allaah azawajaal, for your first and last objective is the pleasure of Allaah azawajaal. Salaat, and all other forms of Ibadah is a means to all of that; thus every act of servitude must be enjoyed, respected, understood, loved! If you accomplish this, you have done it well.  Salaat- Sawm- Zakah must fulfill their purposes, their means, not only their ends!


          His Pleasure is the only Goal, the Gold of Existence. You have only Him and noone else. And within every hardship and blessing, you have Only Him.


          His Existence is present within everything, manifested in ALL-


o        Al- Zahir- Apparent.


          Seize your imagination- your Khulq is perfect, but as a human being, your imperfect, in constant NEED. & of all multiplicities to exist- HE is not in NEED. Allaah azawajaal does not look at your shapes and forms but He only looks into your hearts, and He is the only one able to.


          You are born crying, and the people around you are laughing and smiling. When you die, people will be crying, so make sure you are the one smiling! And on your days here, what is the happiest day on Earth? The very day forgiveness of your soul is granted, and it is once again revived! Do not take your soul lightly, don’t let it sleep, for eventually it will permanently die. When you wake up everyday, really WAKE UP, for if you don’t, you will wake up in your grave and there, in the barzakh, your only companions will be your deeds.



          He sends upon them Bounties, and through them the Highest Bounty, from amongst them, the Nafees, most Purified, in Adhaab, in Sabr, in Aql ! In his efforts, in his strength, most merciful, purified in body and soul, purified from sins and mistakes.


          Hukm- leadership, and Hikm- wisdom, was perfect. Allaah azawajaal opened the eyes of the blind through the Beloved, hearts that were closed, ears that were deaf!


          Glorification of Rasulullah (S)-


o        Al-Islaam distinguishes Creator from Creation- after that, what charecteristic can you give the Prophet (S) that he does not deserve?

§         Siratullah, Kitabullah, Habeebullah,Nuurullah,Deenullah, Siddiq, Sadiq, Mussadiq- surpassed all Prophets in everything!

          Allah azawajaal told us to glorify Him!

o        The words of the poets could not even suffice his beauty.


          Whoever is blind in this Dunya is even more blind in the Akhiraah.


          May Allaah azawajaal elevate the Nuur of our Hearts, our Light!

o        A sign of darkness, ultimate bankruptcy is when you feel too much of a need for people. Your only comfort zone should be in solitude with Allaah (swt). Make sure you feel this anticipation everyday and at the end of everyday.


          Do your part for the creation, the leave them to the Creator, and spend time with Allaah! Detach from creation, people and dunya, and attach to the Creator!


-When your time with Allaah goes through its’ levels, you begin to see with a greater, more perceptive eye.


          Musaa (as) was faced with Khidr (Wali/Nabi) of Allaah, as a teacher of Sabr. Khidr said he (as)  didn’t have enough of it, and sent him away. Although, Musaa (as) was compelled to object three times. Allaah azawajaal had ordained Musaa (as) to go learn from Khidr, and he (as) was obliged to object for it went against his Shariaa.

          Shows us the magnificence of His creation..



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