April 7, 2008

~ like unto Pearls, well Guarded {55:23}

these bodies are our prisons, our death before death,
our shells that are in constant decay, day by day,
how do we live beyond all of this rust…
how must we breakthrough before they,
kill us at once!

Bodies… punctured, holes all over,
holes in seeing, hearing, breathing!
Death so close in the hardness of our hands,
nails, hairs, skin…
what is all this if not death, completely visible, in the open!


When will we leave the bits of death and learn to break free,
live our lives how we are supposed to Be…with vibrancy, and might,
with every beat of our Hearts, and Nourishment of our Ruuh!

Can you imagine…
What lightness it will be, what a joy, what a contentment
with Nothing left but the Love of the Beloved…

For if we dont break through the filthy shackles of the stomach,
existing in between the Nitfah and Jifah, we will never know
that liberation and cleanliness.

Ya Insaan!
See with your beloved Heart, not with your eyes!
Feel with your breath, not with the clay of arms and legs.
Hear with your knowing Ruuh!
Not with the holes on either side of your confined mind!
Leave your body to the Earth to take care of,
Fly, free..
to the Skies!


Only the strength of sincerity; Ikhlaas, empowering your Wings.

For the beauty of the Qalb lies within the Pearl of Akhlaaq,
Sincerity in every sense of the word, carried out for the only Purpose,


(gems of excerpts from Sidi Hisham & Shaykh Qadhi)


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