I and Thou…

December 12, 2007


Love is the Master

Love is the One who masters all things;
I am mastered totally by Love.
By my passion of love for Love
I have ground sweet as sugar.
O furious Wind, I am only a straw before you;
How could I know where I will be blown next?
Whoever claims to have made a pact with Destiny
Reveals himself a liar and a fool;
What is any of us but a straw in a storm?
How could anyone make a pact with a hurricane?
God is working everywhere his massive Resurrection;
How can we pretend to act on our own?
In the hand of Love I am like a cat in a sack;
Sometimes Love hoists me into the air,
Sometimes Love flings me into the air,
Love swings me round and round His head;
I have no peace, in this world or any other.
The lovers of God have fallen in a furious river;
They have surrendered themselves to Love’s commands.
Like mill wheels they turn, day and night, day and night,
Constantly turning and turning, and crying out.

This is love: to fly toward a secret sky,to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.First, to let go of life. I n the end, to take a step without feet;to regard this world as invisible,and to disregard what appears to be the self.Heart, I said, what a gift it has beento enter this circle of lovers,to see beyond seeing itself,to reach and feel within the breast.


All through eternity Beauty unveils His exquisite formin the solitude of nothingness;

He holds a mirror to His Faceand beholds His own beauty.

He is the knower and the known,the seer and the seen;

 No eye but His own has ever looked upon this Universe. 

His every quality finds an expression:

Eternity becomes the verdant field of Time and Space;

Love, the life-giving garden of this world.Every branch and leaf and fruit

Reveals an aspect of His perfection-

The cypress give hint of His majesty,

The rose gives tidings of His beauty.  Whenever Beauty looks,Love is also there;

Whenever beauty shows a rosy cheek Love lights Her fire from that flame.

When beauty dwells in the dark folds of nightLove comes and finds a heartentangled in tresses.

Beauty and Love are as body and soul.

Beauty is the mine, Love is the diamond. 

They have togethersince the beginning of time-Side by side, step by step. 


Blessed time! when we are sitting,
  I and thou,
With two forms and only one soul,
  I and thou.
Fragrance, song of birds, they quicken ev’rything
When we come into the garden,
  I and thou.
All the stars of heaven hurry
  to see us,
And we show them our own moon,
  I and thou-
I and thou without words, without
  I and thou-
In delight we are united,
  I and thou.
Sugar chew the heaven’s parrots
  in that place
Where we’re sitting, laughing sweetly,
  I and thou.
Strange that I and thou together
  in this nook
Are apart a thousand miles, see-
  I and thou.
One form in this dust, the other
  in that land.
Sweet eternal Paradise there…
  I and thou.


You are in love with me, I shall make you perplexed.Do not build much, for I intend to have you in ruins. If you build two hundred houses in a manner that the bees do; I shall make you as homeless as a fly. If you are the mount Qaf in stability. I shall make you whirl like a millstone.


The beauty of the heartis the lasting beauty:

its lips give to drinkof the water of life.
Truly it is the water,
that which pours,and the one who drinks.

All three become one when your talisman is shattered.

That oneness you can’t knowby reasoning. 


3 Responses to “I and Thou…”

  1. hoor said

    rumi im guessing… beautiful poem indeed

  2. Doa said



  3. khwaja said

    Walaikum Asalaam,
    wa rahmatullahi wa barakato

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