December 9, 2007


Beauty of the Righteous & Ranks of the Elite:

an excerpt from this outstanding peice of literature,

O my Awliya for your sake I reprimand and keeping you in my presence is my will. I ask for nothing from you except loyalty and gratitude. To comfort you, I have chosen you to serve me, for I do not like to employ tyrants or arrogant people. I do not cultivate the confused ones for my company, nor do I answer the inquisitions of the fraudulent ones. I do not bring nigh unto me the ostentatious of the pretentious ones. I do not like to sit with the lazy ones, nor do I favor the company of the gluttonous ones.

Indeed, such special beings are the light that dispels the darkness. They are people who have filled their hearts with constant awareness of Allaah, the Almighty, and with recognition of His Divine majesty. In fact they are Allaah’s proof on earth and his witnesses. He dresses them with the effulgent light of his love, and raises before their eyes the banners of his guidance so that they may seek it. He endows them with patience to protect them against resisting his will. He makes them the champions and models of those consenting to his will. He purifies their bodies with the constant alertness of observing and contemplating Him. He anoints them with the perfume of His intimate ones. He dresses them with cloaks that are woven with the threads of His kindness and crowns them with the light of His pleasure an blessings. He then fills their hearts with the vestige of the innermost secrets of His being, so that they become attracted to Him, and their hearts attached solely to Him. thus their zeal and ardor rise only towards Him. Their inner eyes constantly observe Him, and He stations them at the gate of gazing at Him. He then makes them the gnostics the physicians of the hearts, and the wise sages to serve the needs of the seekers of his path….

Allaah (swt) says to Musa (as),

He then says to them, “If a needy comes to you asking for the medicine of my nearness, nurse his needs,. treat kindly the one who is sick and emaciated because of his seperation from me. Comfort the heart of those one who is fearful of me. Warn he who is not mindful of me. Congratulate the one who yearns for my continous presence. Provide the provisions for a seeker journeying toward me. Promise a good reward for the 1 who is in despair of my munificence. give the glad tidings of my generosity to the 1 who is hoping for me favorably consider his condition. Open your doors to the one who thinks well of me. Maintain strong ties to the 1 who loves me. Honor those who honor me. Guide those who are seeking my path. Inquire about the one who fails to regularly joins ur circles. Be patient with someone’s burdens if he unloads them before you. Bear any accusations any may cast upon you. Do not reprimand someone who fails in observing my rights upon him. Gently advise one who is committing wrongdoing. Visit the sick among my deputies. Comfort someone who is struck with grief and shelter someone who desperately seeks you.


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