May 26, 2007


May 25, 2007

Importance of Praying 5x a Day

Audhibillahi Minahshaytani Rajeem, Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim: 

May Allah swt grant us all the strength and Iman in our everyday lives and may he give me the Towfiq and correctness to speak to you all about these very important topics. May He forgive me for the mistakes I make, and may you forgive me for the mistakes I make. I am doing this solely for the sake of Allah swt and nothing and noone else, and because we are all equal servants of him, no one higher than another, nobody better than another. All good that comes from me is from Allah swt and all bad that comes from me is from myself. 

Tonight, In Shaa Allah, I would like to begin with the basics of Islam- the Five Pillars, and most specifically, the Five Sala’ats. After we establish the Five prayers we can then move on to other specifics. The true Muslim/ah has enthusiasm for worshipping her Lord, and does so with meaning and motivation. She doesn’t make excuses or compromises for herself and tries her best to please her Lord. In this way, you can look at the Five Pillars of Islam as the 5 Pillars supporting a tent. If one of the pillars are not there, then the tent does not function properly, it does not stand up, proving that without completing one of the 5 Pillars, not only is your Imaan inefficient, but your Ita’at (obedience) is incomplete!  

For example, during the day a person must nourish his body with food by completing his 3 meals, everyday. The meals keep one going, motivated and awake during the day to accomplish everything one needs to do. If one misses either breakfast or lunch, those hours automatically become inefficient due to lack of energy. In this way, the Soul, the Ruh of the person needs prayer 5 times a day, every 2-3 hours or so, by obeying the Command of Al-lah, the Mind and Body are put to rest, nourishing the Ruh. And once all 3 are insync, they thrive to grow!  Imaam Ghazaali has said:“Prayer is the Pillar of religion- whoever establishes prayer establishes faith, and whoever neglects prayer, destroys the Faith.”  

This is the exact purpose behind prayer, to keep the Faith alive. Now everyone knows how easy it is to miss prayer, the world gets in the way, there are many, many distractions throughout your day, yes, Al-lah az Wa jaal knows that, He was the One who designed it so! However, you must understand that once you miss one prayer, Imaan itself starts diminishing, all on its’ own, without you even realizing it. You have to remember, Al-lah az Wa jaal is your TRUE purpose to life, and the world, the rest of the dunya is just here as a distraction. Al-lah the Almighty wants to see your strength exercised on His path, in His favour. He wants to see how true you are to Him by testing you with the dunya, by putting all these distractions in your way to see how strong you are, to see how high your Love and Fear reach! And when you beat those distractions, you have beaten Shaytan, and earned your Lord’s Love at its’ highest point…what better reward?  

Someone once asked the Prophet, Asalaatu Wasaalam, “What deed is most loved by Al-lah? The Prophet Asaalatu Wasalaam, answered: “To offer each prayer as soon as it is due.” The man asked him, Then what? He, Asaalatu Wasalaam replied, “Treating one’s parents with mercy and respect.” The man then asked him, Then what? He, Asaalatu Wasalaam relied, “Jihaad, struggling or fighting in the way of Al-lah az Wa jaal.” –Imaam Al-Baghawi. 

Prayer is the link between the slave and His Lord. It is the rich source which a person gets strength, steadfastness, mercy and happines, and it is a way of repenting, washing ourselves from our daily sins. One great Sheikh once proclaimed, the Salaat is the umbilical cord connecting the creation to its’ Creator, the only way of true nourishment, true Enlightenment! What a most beautiful way of putting it!

 Abu Hurayrah, Radiyillahu-anhu, a great Sahabah of the Prophet, Asaalatu Wasalaam once heard the Messenger of Al-lah saying: “What would you think if there were a river running by your house, and you bathed in it 5 times a day, everyday, would any trace of dirt be left on you? The people said: No, there would be no trace of dirt on him. The Prophet, Asalaatu Wasalaam said: “This is like the 5 daily prayers, through which Al-lah cleanses you from body to soul and washes your past sins away!”- Sharh Sunnah.

On an ending note, prayer not only brings success to you in this life, but it brings you rewards thousands of times over in the next life, in Eternity. When your Salaat is on time, your Wudhu is complete, and the Salaat is progressed with Khushuu (presense of Heart), what is awaiting the servant of Al-lah? Nothing but the only Janaat! However, if you delay prayer and incomplete your wudhu, Al-lah will have no problem delaying your acceptance to Jannat. Those who delay their Salaats intentionally, the Day of Qiyaamah will feel thousands of times longer than it does for those who were on time with their worship.  

It will be like this, as if you’ve almost fallen into the fires of Jahaanam before Al-lah saves you at the last moment. And if you ask your Almighty, why did you take so long to save me, I almost fell in and burned in those fires, He, az Wa jaal will answer, “then why did you always take so long to come before me in Salaat? If you put Me before everything else, I would have surely put you before everything and everyone else.” And then what will you say? Remember- your Creator hears and sees everything. If you walk to Him, He will come running, if you go a finger’s length to Him, He will come an arms length to you. He knows best, and you do not! 

I will stress it one last time, please sisters, do not miss your precious Salaats, those priceless 10-15 minutes of Divine presence is nothing like anything of this world. Missing it is like losing a part of yourself, a part of your soul. With each prayer missed you become more and more incomplete, your faith fading away drop by drop…


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