May 6, 2007


Heh- in honor of the newest addition to the family,

(Grandchild #30, Mash’Allah), 

~ Sayed Ahmed Khwaja

 I’m going to share a little picture of my beautiful family, and how Saturdays were made for us, as the end to our weeks, and a united gathering to begin a new one…Enjoy 🙂       

         Saturday’s at Grandma’s house have been at long last engrained as tradition in the family for the past few years. As I step in to the house at around noon, and breathe in the scent of Grandma’s heartwarming cooking, to the sound of the thousands of running hoof beats of children all over the house, I know, finally, that the weekend has come, and I can relax after a long week of term papers and various examinations. Saturday’s have become a sort of refuge from the rest of the world, a time where the whole family gets together to just eat, sit around, and talk about life as its passing by.

       As everyone starts arriving, all four of my uncles with their wives and children, and my three aunts and their families, the roar and ruckus of the house seems to grow louder and louder. The men drift to their zone on the family room couches, and the women to the kitchen to prepare for lunch. The kids are shooed away to the playrooms as they’re scorned time and time again to keep it quiet so Grandma and Grandpa don’t lose their minds before the day is over. My cousins and I just float around the kitchen waiting to be told what to do and what to set on the table, joking and teasing around, until everything is set and lunch is prepared for everyone.As it is, the family has grown so big that we all don’t fit onto one kitchen table anymore, so the men take over the dining room and the women around the kitchen table. It’s the one time during the day where everyone is actually sitting at the same time, long enough to get some food down and conversation going. Myself, not necessarily in either the adult group or the kids group, I see myself as getting the best of both worlds. Expected to take on responsibility for the kids from the adults, and at the same time getting to act like a child with the children, I begin to see my family as more and more perfect as time goes by. The size and enormity of us has grown to the extent where everyone has somebody, if not a group of people their age, with whom they can relate, talk and gossip with, joke around and tease one another. Saturdays have become more so an emblem for us, proof that we don’t need the rest of the world, we’re enough for each other, and no one else can come in between the powerful circle of faith and trust reenforced by the several generations within the family.   

      As lunch takes its final courses and everyone from young to old is fed, the table is cleaned and the endless process of clean up starts. The house roars back to life and all you hear is the yells above the kids laughter and screaming, and the next thing I know, the dishes have been washed and put away, Grandma’s yelling for some more tea and dessert. “It’s coming,” I say, but for her of course, never fast enough. Her children are her most treasured possessions, even above Grandpa, and when they’re over her house, everything must be in perfect setting and timing. So as her granddaughters are running around to satisfy her impatience, there comes a time where I just stand back and watch all of it in slow motion. How long I wonder. How long will these Saturday’s at Grandma’s last? Right now, it seems like forever, and God willing, it will be forever, but for now, all I can do is just enjoy today, Saturday, tomorrow doesn’t exist in today’s world.


5 Responses to “Saturdays”

  1. Lena said

    Masha’Allah, 30 grandchildren!…May Allah ta’ala reward your family and keep you all in His protection.

    I remember spending Sundays at my grandparents’ (Allah yarhamhum)–some of the best memories and happiest times came from those Sundays.

  2. sufia ashraf said

    Yes….Masha’Allah! It made me all emotional…as I was reading, I thought of my family and how my most vivid and most joyous memories were with them! When your with don’t think much of it, but when you glance back…your like wow. God willing…may thousands of more happy memories be made.

  3. sufia ashraf said

    great picture too!

  4. radf said

    MashaAllah great post, this made me miss my grandparents so much.
    Hamdulillah that you have such a strong family, may Allah always keep you all this close.
    Take care inshaAllah.

  5. khwaja said

    may we all be reunited with our most beloveds on the Yawmil Qiyaamah at the pool of Rasulullah asalaatu wasalaam!

    never forget, this life, these passing days and breaths are all an illusion if we don’t know how to make it all work for only one purpose, one goal, the pleasure of Allaah az Wajaal only.

    may we praise Allaah in our moments of happiness, and take refuge in Him in our moments of trial, ameen.

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