May 6, 2007



 1:27 p.m

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf is quite simply the Nur of modern understanding and intellect. After just listening to a 30 minute lecture by him on my ipod, I feel as if I could climb mountains of Imaan and accomplish true levels of Ihsaan within myself. The topic he covered was implementing basic Aqidah into our lives. What is Aqidah?

Aqidah is known as basic fiqh or jurisprudence concerning the logical intellect of the human.

In order to understand Aqidah, or anything concerning jurisprudence, we must first grasp the concept of the human mind, body, and heart in respect to the completeness of the human being and their relation to each other.

First off, the human mind and body are powerless without the Heart. That must be established and understood before all else. The Heart is physically, spiritually and mentally the power base for the rest of the being. Without the Heart, we are dead. Hence, once the Heart is alive and thriving then the intellect of the mind and the nafs of the body come into unity working for this sole purpose of fulfilling the Heart. And what is the Heart fulfilling? The Heart is ultimately fulfilling its’ Divine Purpose to its’ Master, Al-lah.

Knowledge is useless without Action. There is only so much talk without the walk. We have heard these sayings all along through our coming of age intellect, however, I have finally realized the true extent and value of what they mean. Let me give you an example we can all understand; when a non-Muslim wants to learn about Islam, they have equal opportunity to do so, being Muslim or not. A Jew or a Christian can study Islam through and through until they know more about the religion than an average Muslim does, so what at that point is the difference between the believer and the non-believer? The Heart. If the non-believer’s heart is not open and willing to accept the logic, then of what use is that intellect and logic? If the knowledge is not implemented then it is a waste, useless. Therefore, the difference between the non-believing and believing is the condition of their hearts, the purity of their being.

Connecting all of this into the basics of Aqidah is quite simple. The purpose of Aqidah is the implementing of Human Logic and Intellect through Action. Action cannot solely be empowered by knowledge or the power of logic, because before long it will tire out if the heart is not there to keep pumping the life into it. Thus, once the Mind and Body are working in unison with the Heart, the actions of Aqidah are fulfilled, and the Human as a Being is complete.

Islam’s basic understandings concern such knowledge of the Mind, Body, and the Heart, because it is a complete religion. It does not enforce one without the other, but says you must know how each work in respect to the whole, ultimately working together as a Unity to form the complete human.

~ And of course, once all three are in unity, forming an Identity, that is the point the Soul is thriving  in complete Nourishment.


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