Wake up

May 4, 2007



7:34 p.m

So I just finished watching this movie called Elizabethtown.. It was quite an interesting waste of two hours I would say, considering the story line was typical. There’s a death in the family, and all of a sudden everyone feels a need to wake up from their deep sleep of work and enjoy life before it’s over for them too. So as I’m sitting there watching it play out, I’m thinking, hmm, if death is such a slap of reality for people, I wonder how much of an awakening life after death might be for them. The fact that death doesn’t just come and go, but the dead keep experiencing it long after the funeral is over. As they lie in their graves, awaiting their moments of ultimate Judgement, of the accounting records of their deeds, and most gravely Gods wrath.

You see, if you don’t realize your purpose of life while your alive, you will only realize it after wards, at death; when it’s ultimately too late. When the husband dies, the wife goes on an energy spree, trying everything she ever wanted to learn and experience, knowing that there’s no time left for waiting,, no time left for rest. She is desperately trying to grasp the escaping reality of this world, and not until the end does she realize, it is of no use. She can do anything and everything, but if she doesn’t know why she is what she is, then what is the point of anything? What is the point of being?

This is the point the plotline settles that question, that question of hunger and anguish as simply as it can, by finding Love. True Love. For most this may mean finding love in one another, embracing friends and family, appreciating them, respecting them, and trying hard not to let go. However, for the few, this ultimately means, finding your True Love, in your Creator, in God. And nothing less. It’s not only about loving and living in this world, it’s about loving the foundation of it all, the founder of existence, and serving your purpose to Him. That’s the only way take grasp of the whole world, wrap it up in your hands, and still live in it quite grandly! Now, when I tell you this, you probably want to know how right? How could you possibly accomplish any of all of that anytime soon? Well, let me tell you a little secret, it’s quite simple actually……it’s called….Islam!

Islam is the tight, unbreakable rope between the creation and its’ Creator, between you and God. And once you get hold of it, be careful, don’t let go now, don’t loosen your grip either, just keep tightening it. As you climb higher and higher, nearing your Creator, not only does your time in this world keep weaning, but the time for your return to Him keeps coming closer and closer. Now this is the catch, listen closely, as this life is passing you by, the tears from your eyes turning into the waves of oceans, the oceans moving farther and farther from sight, only one thing is to be kept constant, that is called Faith. The higher you climb on that rope, the stronger your Faith becomes, the closer you become to God, the easier this life becomes. It’s not exactly all that complicated to understand. Just know what you wake up for in the morning, and go to sleep for at night, what your purpose is day in and day out, time will keep going, but as long as that purpose is being fulfilled, you’re not missing out on anything.

See, Islam is such a simple, beautiful concept, once truly understood. It not only helps the believer in their Ultimate purpose and servitude to God, but it provides them the best life as well. A life led easily, honestly and smoothly through the chaos and corruption of this world. Islam means worship through respecting your loved ones, Islam means serving God just by helping those less fortunate than you and reaping the benefits for yourself in this world and the next. Islam means seeking the greatness of existence and finding it within yourself, Islam means Loving, no matter how alone you might be.

It’s not about waking up one day to death and then learning all that you‘ve lost, no, it’s about looking to death all your life. Knowing that it might all one day end, all decease, and appreciating every last bit you have before you lose it. True understanding of what Love is before Fear intakes you, or what Happiness maybe before Sorrow takes its’ place, and what Laughter feels like before the Tears start weeping. And most importantly, in the midst of it all, it is about fulfilling your purpose, your promise, little by little with each passing moment. You’ll see, once you step on the path of fulfillment, of servitude to the true purpose, you won’t feel the need for this world, the need for anything, anything but that Rope.

So I guess it wasn’t a complete waste of my two hours afterall 😉

8: 59 p.m


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