Pink Sands..

May 1, 2007


A zesty blend of cultures in a heavenly setting :))To all those who absotively Love the solitude and beauty of the likes of Fiji, and all places in the world that are just as exoteeq and lovely to think about. From Nadi to Rautouka to RakiRaki, Suva, Kadavu, Vanua Levu & Taveuni, this country consisting of 333 quite spectacular islands is considered just a dream for some, and a gorgeous reality for the lucky few!

This is a place you can always come to and instantly feel like youve stepped out of the harsh reality of your world and instantly relaxed by the blue green waters and wavering scents of palm trees in the sands beneath your feet, instantly. In a high kinda way 🙂 Nothing wrong with being high i tell you, nothing @ allll….Also, its here for you to feel free to talk about any other fantasies you might have in relation to mines, there are infinite numbers of islands like this particular one, some including..

***Abaco, Andros, Anegada, Antiqua, Anquilla
the Bimini’s, the Canaries, the Solomons, the Caico’s,
the St.’s, the Aleutians, Lipari’s, the Rhodes,& Galapagos…Palau, Saipan, Bali, Tahiti, Zanzibar, Funafuti, Madagascar, Bora Bora, Djibouti…from the Indians to the Caribbeans to the Pacifics…& oh SO so many more..***

They are infinite, they are estranged, they are Extrinsic!


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