May 1, 2007


4.15.07 — 11:37 p.m

When there is an understanding of the true love, nothing matters further but attaining the love of the Beloved. It’s as if the water has splashed off and away from my eyes, leaving me in with the clearest vision I have ever had. It cleanses the heart, the mind, and the body. You become simplified, let alone and completely in love. What’s more is that the bounties of your Lord don’t stop there, they are ever-flowing ever adrift. They can not measure to your standards, nor will they stop at your weaknesses. They glorify you in the presence of your Lord, get you to bow down to him in complete, pure, Sajjda. Leaving you helpless in a fit of weakness and tears, sobbing in what you begin to know as a brilliant mixture of love and fear, happiness and sorrow, understanding and complete confusion, ALL at once. It is stunning, beautiful, inexpressibly wonderful. Aiy, how immense, how eternal the blessings of the Beloved, of my Beloved. How could I ever understand, to thank Huu in gratefulness? It is simply unaccountable on my part, I could never truly understand… I can only thank the master of creation, my beloved Prophet, and his Beloved, the One who joins our souls together as one.


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