April 30, 2007


At the end of the day, you have nothing left but your Creator. Your Creator who brought you into this world with love, and He has asked you to serve him as his beloved slave. He has guided you through awareness of Him, and what He sees best for you through your religion. Yet, we deny His religion so ungratefully, until we have nothing left for ourselves and are on the brink of insanity. Then we ask for His love, His forgiveness, and His mercy upon us. He Loves you beyond measure, beyond imagination. You are His creation, so have no fear that He will indeed take care of you and see to your wellness, but so long as you ask for it. He will give you all that you want, so long as you ask for it. He has said this in His book, and will grant it for He is all giving. What more could we ask for then a Creator, a Master such as He?Your Creator just wants you to keep asking Him for His Love and He will give it. No matter how much of His compassion you receive, if you have it to the point where you are bursting with the light of His Love, it is still as if you have taken nothing more but a drop of water from the ocean. This is how much He wants to offer us, why, why, why could we possibly not want to ask Him for what He wants to give us? We were born to serve Him, and we should die in servit. To only Him, in loyalty to Only Him. If we are so fascinated by this world of destruction and tragedy, where our happiness is short lived, could you just possibly imagine what He has in store for our Eternity? For an eternal life of joy and bliss and love. And the only thing He asks of us is our loyalty to Him, and He will give it so generously.He says, I have secrets that I am witholding from you, I know what you do not, you are my servant, and I am your Master. Understand your place, and I will tell you those secrets, I will let you in on what no one else knows. You want to know how? Through your dua, through your heart and soul, I will tell you. HE IS LOVE. There is nothing in this world that is in existence without His Love for it. Love is He, and He is Love. When you cry, noone feels your sorrow more than He, and when you laugh, no one feels your joy more than He. When you ask, no one is more willing than give than He, and when you are alone no one is nearer to you than your Lord, than your Master. Cant you see? He Loves you, He’s just waiting to hear you say it back to Him. He is just waiting for you to let Him enter your heart. Is that so much to ask?

à This process of seeking and finding the Ultimate Love is known as Tasaawuuf, a purification of the heart, of the senses, of the soul. You realize you are only alive because of your Creator, and you want to try and please him and earn His Love in every way possible, because you know that without Him, you are lost forever. This is the Only Truth, and the profound Truth. Just by purifying your Love for Him, and detaching your love of everything else, you rise above Dunya, and have the best of everything. The best of this world and the next world, the best of Love, and the best of Happiness. Seek à & You Shall Find.


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